Don’t be mistaken by the first impression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The first impression

You were walking alone down the street
You saw a guy who looked really evil
You felt a bit anxious but no one noticed that you were afraid
Few moments later you passed by group of people who seemed to be more dangerous than the first guy you met
You weren’t feeling secure at all and you thanked God because nothing bad happened.
The end of your small adventure
Were those people really evil?
Could they have harmed you?
Did they think about harming you?

No they didn’t think of any of these things, they weren’t even evil but you just saw a reflection of your past on their faces.

The first impression and your past

When you see someone for the first time your subconscious mind quickly scans its database for all of the faces that look similar to that person and if a match was found your subconscious mind assumes that both people have similar personality traits.

If someone harmed you before you may feel insecure when seeing someone who looks likes him. This also happens with love, if you loved someone before you could fall in love with another person who looks like him.

In most cases you aren’t going to be aware of the similarities in the looks because the subconscious mind notices very small details that your conscious mind can't notice. A small detail like a similar eyebrow/chin combination could make the subconscious mind think that this person has similar personality traits to the one you dealt with before.

don't be mistaken by the first impression

The next time you get an unwanted emotion when seeing someone ask yourself this question:

Is that guy really bad? Or am I just seeing a reflection of my past on his face?

Those people you fear and those people who make you feel insecure may be nothing but people who look like ones who caused you some troubles before!!

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