How to Forget The Past

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to Forget The Past

Since you searched for the phrase “How to forget the past” I can assume that you want to forget about one of the following three things:

Forget the past relationship or love
Forget the past memories
Forget the past feelings and painful moments

Usually points two and three are connected together; you will usually want to forget the past relationship in addition to wanting to forget the memories associated with it. Some people claim that the past can't be changed; actually it can be changed and there is only one way to change it which is changing the future.

How to Change the Past?

Suppose that you got laid off and that you went into deep financial troubles which resulted in some painful memories. What do you think will be your feelings if five years later you became a millionaire?

Do you think the memory of being laid off will be a painful one? No it wont but on the contrary, it will be an event that you feel proud of and you will find yourself happy whenever you remember it or whenever you tell someone about it.

Its not the past event that makes us feel bad but its rather our lack of ability to have a better future. If the future appeared to be prosperous then the painful past memories will become happy memories. That’s why most of the people forget about their old relationship whenever they start a new one, its just because the future became bright once again.

The past only hurts those who can’t see signs of light in the near future. If they were sure that the future will be bright the past won't be able to affect their lives.

Use Your Subconscious Mind

One of the things that prevents a painful event from being wiped out from your subconscious mind is that there is no guarantee that it won’t happen again.

If you convinced your subconscious mind that this event won’t happen again you will find that it can't affect you like before. For example, suppose you were bullied in front of every one and then you went home feeling sad.

Promising yourself that you wont allow this to happen again is enough to relief at least half of your pain, but wait, you must be serious about it else your subconscious mind wont believe you.

I know that sometimes things can be out of control but at least you can learn some skills that help you regain this control whenever you lose it. You can’t control those bullies but you can control your response towards them. Whenever a painful event happens to you promise yourself that you wont allow this to happen again and you will find yourself feeling better.

An additional factor that can help in making past events become painful is Guilt. If for some reason you felt that you were responsible for what happened the memory will most likely turn into a painful one. By learning how to deal with guilt you will be taking a further step towards forgetting the past.

How to forget the past relationship

Forgetting a past relationship may require additional steps, in my book How to get over anyone in few days i described how false beliefs such as "He is the one" or "He is my soul mate" can hinder recovery.

In addition to the traditional methods to forgetting the past dealing with false beliefs is crucial to recovery, for if these beliefs were left intact recovery may not happen.

Final words about Forgetting the Past

Examine your past and find those events which are causing you much pain then visualize the type of future which can make those events become painless.

If you lost lots of money then being rich will wipe out this memory, if you broke up with someone then finding someone better will help you forget this relationship and if you had a painful experience then taking the necessarily actions that guarantees that this event wont happen again will make you forget about it.

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