How to make people love you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make people love you

2knowmyself has always been the best place to learn the psychology of love and its main focus was teaching people how to make their partners love them. In this article I will talk about another topic that is related to love and that is as important as the ones I talked about before which is learning how to make people love you.

Whether you want to just make friends or to become popular within your friends you must develop one very important skill which is learning how to make people love you.

Why do we love certain people?

We don’t suddenly wake up one day then find out that we love a certain person but usually certain events trigger some thoughts in our minds that lead us to admire a certain person. The following are some of the reasons that are based on psychology and that explain why we fall in love with certain people:

  • Superior yet humble: Suppose you met a very popular person, who has a successful career and lots of fans yet you found that he was so humble, wont that make you at least admire him? Yes of course and admiration is the first step towards love. We tend to love people who have better qualities than us and who are in the same time humble. (See how to make someone love you)
  • Complements that work: If a person has a self image problem or unsure of his looks then telling him that he looks great might let him love you!! The point that lots of people don’t understand is that complements become really effective when they touch an already existing emotional wound. If you complimented people that way they will surely love you.
  • Motivated to be with you: Love is nothing more than an emotion that motivates you to stay more with a person. Your mind always works for your best interests and will never motivate you to stay with a certain person before it makes sure that this person is of extreme importance to you. If you felt that someone is a God father, a person who teaches you some skills that you need or someone who provides various benefits to your life then you will love him. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how love is nothing more than a feeling that has the main goal of keeping you beside those who can be of benefit to you.
  • Support them when in need: Overly nice people are usually rejected because they appear to have no friends and appear desperate to win the love of anyone. In order to make people love you then you must support them when they are really in need and not all the time. If someone was stuck then you should offer him help at that moment because it’s the time he needs help the most.
  • Make him feel important: One of the best feelings you could experience is the ego boost you get when someone makes you feel important. If you made people feel their importance and made their achievements appear big even if they were small then most likely they will love you. For example if a friend of yours was talking about a certain hobby he has like writing poems or playing guitar then give his story a big importance and make him feel that he is really talented.

How to make people love you

The previous examples that i used were there just to explain the main concept of falling in love with other people. You shouldn’t go and do one of the things mentioned above then wonder why people don’t love you because in order to win someone’s love you must make use of the concept and not of the exact example.

I don’t want you to think that these are the only examples because certainly there are lots more but I just want you to grasp the concept which is that, appearing important to the other person while being humble and friendly will surely make him love you.

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