Why do couples look alike

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do couples look alike

Have you ever noticed that couples start to look like each other after years of marriage?
Did you notice before that friends who have known each other for years look alike?

I am sure you have noticed this before but the question is, why do people who spend a lot of time together start to look like each other? and why do couples who spend a lot of time together look alike?

There are lots of theories that attempted to explain this phenomenon, for example some people have suggested that people who spend a lot of time together follow the same diet and get exposed to the same environmental factors and thus they end up looking alike.

while digging in these theories i found a one that appealed a lot to me and that provided me with a good answer for the Why do couples look alike question.

Emotions change facial features

The emotions you experience everyday can change your facial features over time. I am sure that you have noticed that people who stay depressed for long periods of time start to look differently.

The same happens for people who experience any prolonged period that is charged with a certain emotion like stress, anxiety, sadness or even happiness.

Now back to couples, when they spend a lot of time together they develop empathy and start to experience the same emotions together (most of the time). since these emotions affect their face features they start to look alike after years of being together.

Don't let life change your face features

Do you know what does this mean?
these emotional changes that affect couples can also affect you and result in changing your facial features!!

don't you meet people who look angry even if they are feeling normal? those people felt angry for prolonged periods of time and that's why their faces changed to reflect this anger!!

this means that when you feel bad, sad, down or experience any bad emotion you are actually changing your facial features by a tiny bit. As these tiny bits come together they start to change your looks!!

Don't let life change your face features or leave its marks on your face. I know that you might not be able to control everything in your life and that there are problems that you can't prevent but still you can control your reactions to these problems.

refuse to feel bad when something bad happens to you
refuse to become mad when someone tries to make you angry
refuse to feel down when you fail, lose hope or lose something that you wanted

live your life feeling proud and confident and soon these emotions will get reflected on your face.

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