The power of solitude

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you feel bad when you are Alone?

What kind of emotions do you experience while being alone?
Do you feel bored?
Do you feel unhappy?
do you feel bad?

we Humans are social beings by nature. We enjoy the company of other people and the activities that allows us to connect to people But if you feel really bad when you are alone instead of just feeling OK or a little bored then you may lack the power of solitude.

The power of Solitude

The power of solitude is the expression that is used to describe the trait that allows a person to feel good and adequate when being alone. I am not saying that you should always be staying alone but at least when you are alone you shouldn’t feel that bad.

What makes a person unable to stay alone is his external dependency which is the desire to escape from his bad mood by doing anything that could keep him busy (like meeting people in our case).

Why do i feel bad when am Alone?

If you currently don't have any big problems in your life then most probably you will be able to feel good while staying alone. Whatever the kind of activity you will do you will find it joyful even if you are doing it alone.

On the other hand the more bad you will feel the more likely you are going to be dependent on someone else to escape from your bad emotions and to avoid facing your problems. So the power of solitude is not constant but it changes with the external circumstances.

There is no problem in escaping to social life when you have big problems provided that you work on a solution instead of ignoring the problem.

People who escape from their problems and never try to solve them end up depressed. In my book The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how ignoring your problems and allowing them to accumulate can be the primary source for depression. Some people do their best to solve their problems by taking actions while others never do anything and thus end up depressed.

Satisfy your needs

We need others because we have many unmet needs. The more unmet needs we have the more needy we will be when it comes to spending time with others.

If you constantly need reassurance or attention then you might find yourself unable to stay alone even for few hours.

Understand your basic needs, work on satiating them with a solid plan and you will develop the power of solitude.

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