External dependancy and addiction

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

what is external dependency

External dependency describes the state of being dependent on an external object or a person in order to feel good or to escape from a bad mood.

Some people got used to face their problems directly while others learned how to run from them or even better use pain killers in order to forget about them. External dependency is the act of using an external pain killer in order to forget about a problem rather than deciding to face it.

examples of external dependency

The person who uses drugs to escape a bad mood, the one who drinks excessively when he faces a problem and those who can’t live while they are single are all considered people who suffer from external dependency.

Some people smoke in order to kill stress and not because they really like to smoke. Others may become addicted to a bad habit not because they like it that much but because it allows them to escape from their bad moods while a third group might go shopping whenever they feel bad just to help themselves feel better.

The big problem that external dependency results in is that it prevents the person from ever facing his real problems and thus they always remain unsolved. As a result of such behavior the problems keep accumulating and getting bigger until one day the person completely collapses under their effect.

external dependency and love addiction

Some people are externally dependent on love itself in such a way that they can’t live while being single, those people are called love addicts. Since falling in love results in the release of many chemicals that regulates the mood and that helps the person feel better (at least in the early stages) some people become love addicts in order to escape from their problems.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i described how love addiction can be the main reason people fail to recover fast after a breakup. When the person becomes overly dependent on a relationship partner in order to escape from a bad mood then certainly breaking up with that partner becomes an impossible task.

One of the real dangerous consequences of love addiction is that it makes the person vulnerable to any attempts that tend to exploit his weakness. Love addicts are the fastest people to fall in love even when they don’t like the other person such much. Many people fall in love under the effect of love addiction in order to escape from their problems only to realize later that they never loved that person they got married to and that they were just escaping from their bad moods.

External dependency can certainly ruin your life on the long term even if it can help you feel good on the short term. If you do any of the previous actions then it’s time to be brave and to face your problems.

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