Tips for quitting smoking

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why can't many people quit smoking

Have you ever noticed the situations that motivate you to smoke cigarettes? If you tried to notice your behavior you will find that 90% of the times you smoke just because of one of the below reasons and not because of nicotine addiction:

  • Smoking to control stress: Being under stress, for example having a bad work day.
  • Smoking to clam down: After having a fight with someone many people smoke right away.
  • Smoking and anxiety: When you are anxious about an upcoming event (for example when waiting for your exam results) most probably you will feel like smoking.
  • Smoking at certain time: Just after you eat.
  • To control emotional disturbance: When you face a sudden emotional change.

Smoking for Mood Improvement

It's clear from the previous examples that most people fail to quit smoking because of psychological reasons. People got used to smoke at certain times, like for example when feeling stressed or when they find themselves feeling bad.

Ninety percent of the time people smoke in order to get a relief because they don't like their current emotional state or because they want to escape from their emotions.
If you are serious about quitting smoking then you must put this fact in mind so that you target the real cause behind your addiction to smoking or weed.

Quitting Smoking and the Myth of Nicotine Addiction

Contrary to common beliefs nicotine addiction is not the major factor that prevents people from quitting smoking.

Emotional and psychological factors play a big role in smoking addiction and while nicotine addiction can affect someone's ability to quit smoking still emotional factors are far more important.

Tips on How to quit smoking

Whether you want to quit smoking cigarettes or weed the action plan would be the same.
The first step is Finding the real psychological causes behind your addiction as they are the ones that are preventing you from quitting.

Once you find that reason you must deal with it instead of focusing on self regulation. For example if you smoke when you become stressed then you need to learn how to deal with stress in your life instead of learning how to control your desire to smoke while feeling stressed. That's the fastest and the best way to quit smoking or any other bad habit.

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