how to quit smoking

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Got problems quitting smoking?

If you decided to quit smoking before then i am sure that you have tried many different methods without being successful. The main reason people fail to quit smoking or any other bad habit quickly is that they apply solutions that doesn't match their case.

Many people managed to quit smoking successfully as a result of understanding themselves well and knowing the best approach they should use to quit instead of following generic advice. Below are some guidelines that can help you much in getting rid of your smoking problem. note that finding the right method(s) that suits you will certainly increase your chance of quitting.

Quitting smoking tips

  • Negative motivation and quitting smoking: search the web for images that shows you exactly how the lung of a smoker looks like. Print the photo and put it everywhere at your home. This will certainly motivate You to quit smoking if you are the kind of person who cares about health.
  • More Motivation: Make a list of all smoking health effects and print it then put it beside your computer, beside your favorite chair and above your bed.
  • Decide to quit on a tough day: contrary to common beliefs deciding to quit smoking on a good day is a bad idea instead You should pick one of the worst days in your life and start on it. When you are happy and when you have no problems your will power will be at its peak but when something goes wrong your will power will be reduced a lot, that's why lots of people who successfully quit smoking on a good day return back to smoking on another bad day. If you managed to quit smoking while you are feeling bad and when your will power is low then you will find no problem in all other days.
  • Quitting smoking by breaking anchors: Usually smoking will be anchored to something else in your mind like certain places or certain times. If you want to quit smoking then you should try to smoke at different situations and different places instead of your usual ones. For example if you are used to smoke just after launch then never do that and instead smoke at any other other time. By doing this you will be breaking the relation between smoking and other external stimulates that remind you of your desire to smoke.
  • Create a new Anchor: If you want to quit smoking you can create a new anchor that is really awful and associate it with smoking. There was once a manager of a company who wanted his employees to quit smoking at work so he moved the smoking area in the center of the office. Because the smoking area was made of a glass wall people used to look at smokers inside the root as if they are test subjects. Few weeks later lots of people managed to quit smoking at the company premises.The good news is that you can do this too. Only smoke at the worst places ever, only smoke when you feel down, never smoke while you are happy or while you are having good company.
  • You don't have to quit at the first attempt: know that some people quit on the first try, some on the fifth and some on the tenth So don't give up trying and you will do it
  • Self discipline and quitting smoking: developing self discipline is another thing that may help you quit smoking. Self discipline can help you resist the emotions that force you to smoke. Developing self discipline is a must if you are serious about quitting smoking
  • Hypnosis to quit smoking: If all of the previous methods failed you can use hypnosis to quit smoking. Hypnosis is one of the very powerful methods for quitting smoking. Many people stop smoking after the first hypnosis session and never return back again!!

other Bad habits

Other than the well known bad habits we all know about there are other ones that can hardly be noticed and that are as dangerous as the ones we know about.

Waking up late, wasting time, losing our temper and even failing to get over someone are examples of bad habits that skip unnoticed. in my book How to get over anyone in few days i described how some people developed the habit of becoming broken after a breakup instead of recovering.

These bad habits are really dangerous because people rarely talk about them and this allows them to persistent and ruin your life. Make sure you educate yourself about such bad habits so that you live a happy life.

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