How to Understand Yourself And Others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Understanding Yourself and others

Long ago I had big self understanding issues nowadays it takes me less than ten minutes to know at least eight personality traits of a person i just met. The first impression someone forms of me may be something like, “he is a nice guy” or “I like his shirt” while my first impression about him is usually a deep understanding of his personality, to the extent that I might discover things about him that his close friends don't know.

This is not any kind of marketing hype but its how exactly you are going to be after going through

How to Understand People?

What are the factors that affect someone's behavior?

The factors are: his personality, his background and his values. If you were able to determine some of these variables at your first meeting with someone then you will not only be able to understand him but you will even be able to predict his next move.

The music that you listen to, the way you walk, the way you talk, your body language, your face features, your doodling, your hand writing and everything else that is related to you reflects hidden parts of your personality.

By learning how to look for those clues and how to interpret them you will get this superior self understanding of others and of yourself.

Why Self Understanding

Here are some benefits of self understanding:

  • Knowing exactly what is bothering you instead of feeling bad without knowing why. This in turn will allow you to take the first step towards happiness
  • Not feeling lost because you will know exactly where you fit in life. Whether it’s a career or a relationship, you will be able to know where you should go
  • A solid understanding of others, the more you understand yourself the more will you understand others. For example if you understood where self confidence comes from you will know how lack of confidence feels like and you will be able to understand shyness even more.
  • Fewer bad moods, I am not saying that self understanding will solve your problems but it will help you feel better instead of feeling that you are fighting an enemy that you don’t know

This list could have been much bigger but i didn't want to make the article any longer, i am sure you now know the benefits of self understanding.

How to Start Understanding Myself And Others?

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