Graphology or handwriting analysis

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Introduction to handwriting analysis (graphology)

Did you ever wonder why each person has unique handwriting?
Have you ever noticed that even though all people were taught at school how to write still each one writes in a different way?

The answers to these questions lies in a single word, Graphology.

Graphology is a science that has the purpose of defining someone’s personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and abilities based on a sample of his hand writing.

What is the idea behind graphology?

Graphology is based on the fact that when a person writes he uses the muscles of his hands and fingers which are in turn controlled by his subconscious mind.

Since the subconscious mind controls a person's behaviour and is responsible for a great part of his personality the person's writing reflects many of his personality traits.

Even the emotional states the person feels may affect his hand writing, for example feeling confident while writing may result in different hand writing than when feeling inferior while writing. Also Being pessimistic while writing will result in different hand writing than when feeling optimistic.

Since each one of us has got his unique personality we all have different hand writings. The subconscious mind of each one of us controls what we write and so reveals on the papers some of the hidden facts about ourselves.

what are the uses of graphology?

Graphology is used in many fields but the most famous field is recruitment where the employing company insists that the applicant fills a hand written application before the job interview.

Human resources department takes the application and analyzes it using graphology to see whether this person is a good match or not and if it was found that his personality traits matches the job then his chance of getting the job becomes higher.

Graphology focuses on many different signs that the writer unconsciously makes, examples of those signs are size of words, word spacing, line spacing, size of margins and pen pressure.

Since size of margins are taken into consideration too it’s very important that the writer writes on an A4 paper that have got no lines on it or previously set margins.

How Accurate is graphology

The accuracy of graphology is controversial. While there are some people that support the findings of graphology others are more conservative towards them.

I think the best way to asses the accuracy of graphology is to try it on your self and your close friends first. Once you get an idea about the kind of traits you can accurately guess you can then move on the next step which is using graphology for other purposes.

Put in mind that for each science that can't be measured with scientific devices there will always be people who go against it. The best thing you can do in such a case is to try it yourself.

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