Learning Graphology (handwriting analysis)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Learning Graphology (handwriting analysis)

Graphology enables you to determine someone’s personality traits by just examining his hand writing. Graphology enables you also to know the person's state of feeling at the time he was writing the sample you are examining.

So you won’t only know a person's personality traits using graphology but you will also know how he was feeling like while writing these lines.

Below is a list of the different elements that the graphologist analyzes in order to extract the personality traits from handwriting. Click on any link and you will be directed to a page where you can know about the personality traits or the emotional state that is associated with that element.

Graphology's common pitfalls

Some people get incorrect results with graphology because they don't avoid the common pitfalls.

When analyzing a handwriting sample you must look at the sample as a whole instead of analyzing only one feature of the writing. For example you shouldn't look at Pen pressure alone without taking the slant, line spacing and other factors into consideration.

You must also understand that the mood the person is in can affect his handwriting sample. This means that taking more than one sample and finding out what's common between them can help you get more accurate results.

Finally its advised that you use another personality analysis method beside graphology so that you compare the findings of the two methods and get more accurate results.

Avoid the common mistakes and you will get much more accurate readings with graphology.

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