Graphology (handwriting analysis) and line direction

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Graphology (handwriting analysis) and line direction

When doing graphology analysis make sure that you write on a white paper instead of a paper with lines. This is because one of the items we analyze in graphology is the direction of the line (whether the line is ascending or descending) which is something that can’t be noticed if the page was already lined because in this case the writer will write on the lines that are already present.

In few cases people can write without giving much attention to lines but as soon as they realize that they are doing so they quickly start to adjust their writing so that its above the line once again. While its still possible to analyze the sample that way still its going to be much difficult and you might get incorrect readings.

Graphology and ascending lines

Ascending line: an ascending line is a line where the words keep going up through it so that the last word becomes a little higher than the first word in the line.

The person who writes using ascending lines may be an optimistic person or at least he may be experiencing a good mood (like being happy) while writing.

graphology and descending lines

Descending line: a descending line is the opposite of the ascending line. In the descending line the last word in the line becomes lower than the first word.

The person who writes descending lines may be a pessimistic person or at least may be experiencing a bad mood (like depression) while writing.

Either ascending nor descending

If the line is neither ascending nor descending then this means that the person has a balanced approach in life.

He is neither very optimistic nor he is pessimistic. This could also reflected the balanced state of feeling he was in while writing this sample.

How to raise the accuracy of graphology

In graphology more than one element in the hand writing sample can reflect the same personality traits. In other words 2 different hand writing features can show that the person is optimistic.

One of the ways i prefer to use to increase the accuracy of handwriting analysis is to not make any judgement before more than one element confirms the presence of the same personality trait.

This is a bit harder to do because you must be aware of the different meanings of each of the elements under examination, however, this will make the accuracy of your readings much higher. Yes its harder but its worth the effort.

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