Graphology (handwriting analysis) and line spacing

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Graphology (handwriting analysis) and line spacing

When we write, some people leave large spaces between lines while others leave small ones. Large line spacing can be determined by finding out how many lines will fit into a page.

A writer who leaves a large space between lines will usually have fewer lines in a page compared to a writer who leaves small spaces.

graphology and wide line spacing

writers who leave large spaces between lines are self assured, far-sighted and may be a little hostile.

If the line spacing is even throughout the page in such a way that the spacing does not change when approaching the end of the page then this could indicate good planning abilities simply because if the writer planned to use the page well he won't have to change the spacing of his lines to fit the page when approaching it's end.

graphology and close line spacing

writers who leave small spaces between lines are usually afraid of being isolated; they may be lonely or at least have the fear of being abandoned.

Their unconscious mind lets them place the lines close together to compensate for the need of intimacy.

graphology and evenly spaced lines

Evenly spaced lines: In graphology whenever you find an even way of writing then this means that the person is balanced.

For example If we are assuming that line spacing may represent the need for intimacy then the person with even line spacing will have a balanced need for intimacy.

graphology and unevenly spaced lines

Unevenly spaced lines: when lines are unevenly spaced in such a way that some lines have large spaces between them while others have small spaces then this indicates that the writer is moody and unpredictable.

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