Doodles Interpretation And Psychological Analysis

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Psychologist or Magician?

When I was interested in personal development and psychology 10 years ago, I never expected that one day I will be able to know about the personalities of other people by watching their gestures, noticing their face features, knowing about the type of music they prefer, taking a sample of their handwriting and even by looking at their doodles.

Yes their doodles! everything that you do in life leaves traces of your personality traits and of your inner world. As you may have guessed this article will talk about doodles, their interpretation and their hidden meanings.

Doodles follow the same rules that graphology follows and so the same variables used to interpret a handwriting sample can be used with doodles (example pen pressure, margins…etc)

Doodles Interpretation

Triangles, squares , geometrical shapes: Geometrical shapes may indicate that the person has got a rational and logical way of thinking. This person may also be a good planner. Drawing a triangle sometimes signifies the internal desire of going up or advancing in your career or social life.

Arrows, ladders Arrows and ladders may indicate that the person is ambitious, obsessed about some goals and looking forward to some achievements.

Doodling Good Looking Faces: Good looking faces may indicate that the person is social, people loving and optimistic.

Doodling Funny faces: Funny faces may indicate that the person has a good sense of humor

Doodling Ugly Faces ugly faces may indicate that the person is not a social person, lacking self confidence, skeptic, bad tempered or even aggressive.

Doodling Stars: Stars may indicate optimism and hopefulness.

Doodling Houses: May indicate that the person is missing his home, wanting a family, or wanting to settle down.

Doodling Flowers and plants May indicate that the person is sensitive, warm and kind

Doodling hearts : Means that the person is suffering from Socio-anti-complex-bio-disorder , well, just kidding :) simply he is in love or in need of a relation :)

Doodling 3D shapes: Shows the presence of the ability to see the full picture and all aspects of an issue or at least the desire to do so

Doodling underlined names: underlining a name with one or two lines may indicate that this person is important (whose name is underlined)

Doodling Food: May indicate real hunger or emotional hunger

Doodling Animals love for animals or sensitivity

Doodling cars, plans, trains: Shows a desire for traveling ,freedom or the need for a holiday

Doodling Weapons guns, pistols and swords may indicate competitiveness and the presence of a warrior's spirit

Doodle Interpretation Accuracy

When you start to doodle you will usually be under the effect of many unconscious parameters including your personality, your current mood and other variables.

That’s why the interpretation of doodles needs to be done with care and without giving hasty judgments. Collecting Some information about the person's current mood and background may be very useful in the analysis of his doodles.

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