Music Preference and personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Power of Psychology

The Clothes that you wear, the way you walk, your face features, your body language, your tone of voice, Your doodles,your hobbies and the music that you prefer can reveal a lot about your personality.

After studying psychology for years I discovered how naked people's personalities are to the educated observer. Everything that is related to a person reveals parts of his personality and by gaining a little knowledge about some psychology topics you will be able to use the same eyes that you have always used to see what you have never seen before.

Music Preference and personality

The music you listen too depends on your mood but your long term preference of special categories of music can say a lot about your personality.

A recent research divided music preferences into four big categories then related some personality traits to these four groups, below is the list of the categories along with their associated personality traits.

  • Alternative, Rock, and Heavy Metal(Edgy and aggressive music): A person who prefers this music category is usually a rebellious person, he has no problems in taking risks, he is curious, he thinks that he is intelligent and is usually energetic.
  • Hip-hop, Rap, Funk, Soul, and Electronic(energetic upbeat music): a person who prefers this category is usually energetic, introverted, talkative and opposed to conservative ideals
  • Pop, Religious, Country, and Soundtrack music(Fun and Simple): Cheerful, enjoys helping others, outgoing, introverted, unconventional and artistic.
  • Classical, Blues, Jazz, and Folk music (Reflective or Complex music): Creative, intellectual, open to new experiences and politically liberal.

How accurate are these findings?

Off course these rules doesn't apply 100% of the time as there are exceptions but in the majority of cases reality will be close to these findings.

What is more important than these findings in the conclusion that can be extracted from them. Everything that you do or that you don’t do says a lot about your personality. What are you waiting for? Learning more about psychology will definitely give you some superior abilities.

Lyrics that support your beliefs

We all want to be right and we love it when people tell us so. That's why people like song lyrics that repeat their beliefs.

If for example you believed that life is unfair then you listened to a song repeating the same belief over and over then the this song will most likley appeal to you.

That's also the same reason why depressed people like sad music and romantic people like love songs.

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