Using Music to Change Your Mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Music Can Affect Your Mood

Everyone knows that listening to music while feeling down or bad can provide a relief. What may not be known to most people is that music can also reduce stress, make depression more bearable and help you relax.

There is even an expanding field of therapy called music therapy which depends on using music for healing. The big problem is that some people misuse the effect of music by listening to random songs that contain negative messages and so make themsleves feel worse.

What Are the Benefits of Music?

Music has lots of benefits, here are few of them:

  • Reducing stress: Music can relax your muscles and help you reduce your breathing rate. Both of these actions are directly related to reducing stress and can assist you in making your life less stressful .
  • Makes you happy: Music can stimulate your body to produce serotonin (the happiness hormone) and so elevate your mood.
  • Alter your brain waves: Music can alter your brain wave pattern and so elevate your mood even after you stop listening to it.
  • Motivates you: I am sure you listened to one or more songs that made you feel more motivated one day

How People Misuse Music

All the previously mentioned benefits of music can only be reaped if the listener enjoyed the music he is listening to. If the listener dislikes the music or finds it boring then it will have a negative effect on him instead of a positive one.

Now lets examine what most of us do when it comes to listening to music. We usually just listen to a Play list and allow a program like win-amp to randomly select the songs we are going to listen to.

This is where the problem lies. What if you liked the first song but found the second one boring? What if the third one was a motivating song while the fourth didn't resonate with your emotions? What do you think the result will be??

What you'll have is an emotional mess!! The first song will lift your mood a little, the second will make you a little bored, the third will motivate you and then the fourth will put you down. In the end you'll end up feeling worse than before.

I strongly recommend dividing your play list into different small lists. For example, a list for relaxation, a list for motivation and so on. Another very important thing you must do is to get rid of all of the old music that you are bored of.

After all, it doesn't take more than listening to the first five seconds of any of these songs for your mood to swing.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i pointed out how the music you listen to can delay your recovery from breakups by months and months!! people who listen to romantic songs after breakups recover 10 times slower than those who don't, so beware of your play list if you want to recover faster.

Beware of the Anchors

Have you ever listened to a song then suddenly remembered a past situation? This happens because your mind has previously associated both events with each other so that when one of them occurred you just recalled the second. This is what’s called an anchor.

Watch out for any songs that are anchored to your bad memories. When your random music player chooses this song you are likely to feel down.

Beware of the Wording

Some songs contain negative words and phrases that are much more destructive than negative self-talk.

Some songs also contain messages that can program your mind and results in creating new beliefs. by consistently repeating a negative message over and over it can turn into a solid belief.

A poplar example would be any love song that contains a phrase like “I cant live without you”. The more you will listen to this song the more you will be programming your mind with such a belief and the more likely you are to end up feeling desperate when you break up with someone.

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