Mood Swings and how to Get Over Them

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Sudden Mood Swings

You were driving your car feeling neither happy nor bad when you suddenly started to feel irritated, uncomfortable and down.

You never understood what happened or why you experienced a mood swing.

Why do I have Mood Swings?

In my previous article causes of mixed and unwanted emotions i explained why we sometimes feel bad but what might still be unclear to you is why your mood sometimes swings without a reason.

Your mind is always in the process of receiving inputs from the external world through your five senses. Any of these external inputs can alter your thoughts and thus results in a mood swing.

For example, if you were driving your car then suddenly noticed a car accident you might remember a previous accident that you had as well as any events associated with it. If the external input you revived reminded you of an unsolved problem that you have then your mood will swing.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how mood swings are nothing more than mood shifts that result from remembering a problem that you have been ignoring. The more unsolved problems you are keeping behind your back the more you are subject to mood swings.

But I don’t Remember Having Such Thoughts, My Mood just Swings

It's normal not to even notice these thoughts because they happen so fast. At any moment your subconscious mind receives tremendous amounts of information all of which affect your thoughts.

So it's pretty normal that you don’t notice these thoughts but still feel their effect in the form of a mood swing.

Another reason for not noticing these thoughts is that they may happen unconsciously in such a way that you become unaware of them. If you were driving your car then the conscious mind will be busy concentrating on the road while your subconscious mind may be thinking about your problems or bad memories. That's why you might not notice these thoughts but only notice the mood swing.

How You Can Get over these Sudden Mood Swings

Fortunately the two causes mentioned above can be eliminated by taking one action which is learning to monitor your thoughts.

Monitoring your thoughts means that whenever you find your feelings starting to change a bit you just search your thoughts and find what was the possible cause for this minor change.

This may seem hard at the beginning but with practice you will be able to correctly detect the reason for any minor emotional change that you experience.

One final thing you should be aware of is that usually more than one thought accumulate together before your mood swings.

For example, a single thought could come in the morning and another few hours later. Both of those thoughts could then change your mood or they could stay dormant until a third thought comes, which when combined with the first two, causes a mood swing.

Watch your thoughts closely and try to find the links between your feelings and your thoughts at each moment and don’t worry if it seemed to require a lot of effort at the beginning.

Within a short time this thinking pattern will turn into an unconscious process and it will be one of your built-in functions.

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Did that help?

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