Getting over Mood Swings

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Mood Swings

It feels really bad when you suddenly lose that feeling of happiness you were experiencing and it feels even worse when you start to feel bad or down without any warning signs.

If you are an oversensitive person then you may even be more subject to these kinds of sudden mood fluctuations.

This article will help you prevent these mood swings and it will allow you to significantly extend your periods of happiness.

If you don't know why you experience mood swings in the first place then please read this article before continuing further.

How to Prevent Mood Swings

One very good thing you can do to make mood swings happen less frequently is a technique called “Locking your Emotions”. This technique is based on a realistic assumption which implies that a great number of mood swings happen simply because we tend to persistently search and dig until we find something that makes us feel bad.

Here are some examples:

  • A stock market investor who checks the prices of his stocks every hour: this will increase his chance of encountering something that he does not like. After all, some people feel bad even when their stocks drop only a few cents while other people feel disappointed when they find that their stocks didn't increase in price as they expected (see the investment psychology section for more information).
  • Someone who always tries to search for clues to prove to himself that he isn't bad looking, boring or unlikeable. Since this is not a prefect world, he will never be able to find exact clues and will just fall prey to his negative thoughts.
  • Someone who digs deeply, trying to analyze any criticism he receives to find if there is anything wrong with him.

It's very important not to misunderstand what is being said. I'm not asking you to stop keeping track of your financial matters or to escape from problems but what I am asking you to do is to stop overdoing it because this will increase your chance of getting a mood swing.

Watching the price of your stocks ten times a day or digging behind things that will always make you feel bad will always result in mood swings!!! It will only increase your chance of feeling down and its a totally useless act.

Lock your Emotions

So let’s put it all together. if you feel happy or satisfied try not to do unnecessary actions that can swing your mood and you will find that your state of happiness last for much longer that it used to.

Of course you still must go through daily important tasks and routines but only do them when you have to and not just because you want to dig for more information.

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