Self-confidence and Inner Self-worth

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Different Emotions and Lack of Self-confidence

How did it feel the last time you were criticized, rejected or dumped?

Anyone will feel bad when going through any of the previous situations. Most people will also do their best to find out what was wrong with them. They will double check their looks in the mirror, ask their close friends for their opinions and take note of peoples' reaction towards them.

The Never-Ending Quest

Some people spend months looking for these answers while others spend years but most of them never reach anything. They just keep searching forever and even though they may find some clues still as soon as a new event happens their clues are usually found insufficient to convince them of their own merit and so they try to search for other ones.

The quest for making sure of whether you are ugly or not, interesting or boring has no end. Whatever you will do to find the answers new situations will force you to seek more answers ensuring that you will never reach anything conclusive in the end because the only place you can find these answers is within yourself.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that unless self confidence comes from within you will always be unsure about your abilities and your self concept will change according to how people treat you!!

The Answers Lie Within

So, if you can’t really get an exact answer to your questions, what can you do?
One thing you can do is to evaluate yourself and then live using that evaluation. Go and grab a pen and paper and describe yourself, write down your strengths and your weaknesses.

Write down what you like about yourself and what you hate about yourself but be honest with yourself. Take your time doing this. It's OK to take days or even weeks to complete this evaluation because upon completing it you will use it to feel confident.

By doing so you will never find yourself running after pieces of information that you will never be able to get. You won't feel bad when being rejected, you won't feel that broken if you were dumped by someone and you won't feel down if you were criticized.

This is because all these negative feelings occur as a result of one thing which is not being sure whether you are good or bad, complete or incomplete, worthy or unworthy.

By writing down the answers, your subconscious mind will give up trying to seek clues from the outside world to support your doubts. Don’t waste your time, go and write down the eternal judgment and don't be a slave to searching for meaningless answers.

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