Psychological effect of music, part III

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Music Preferences and Psychology

In physics, the term resonance refers to the increase in amplitude of oscillation of a mechanical system when it gets exposed to a periodic force that had frequency that is equal to its natural frequency.

In simple words this means that likes attract. If something was vibrating with a certain frequency and another thing was vibrating with the same frequency then resonance will happen.

Your choice of everything in your life is usually based on the concept of resonance. Let me give you an example that will make it clear, when you are in love, what becomes your preferred type of music?

Of course , romantic Music. You prefer to listen to that type of music because it matches your inner feelings . Consequently ,people tend to listen to songs or watch movies which reflect their inner emotions .

Music Preferences and Personality

people who listen to rock, are usually doing so because rock exactly matches what is happening inside them. There is some kind of anger that they want to express, there is some kind of energy that they want to get out or there is something that's bothering them and that's why they listen to songs that resonate with their inner feelings.

Because of having these feelings they feel more comfortable when listening to rock music than any other kind of music. Rockers are also rebellious people, they want to make a change and they express this rebellious nature through listening to rock music.

Listening to techno is sometimes an indication of being in a good mood. If you found yourself happy then Techno might resonate with your mood. The same goes for all similar music types that share the common characteristics of techno( like a fast beat).

People who like war movies or their sound tracks think of themselves as warriors or survivors and that's why they get attracted to such things.

People who listen to romantic songs are either in love or are either thinking about love.

Changing Your Mood Using Music

Its important to note that your music preferences will change according to your mood. That’s why sometimes you might feel like listening to a certain song then after few days you feel like listening to a totally different one.

So How can you make use of this information? The first thing you can do is to guess people's moods and personalities but just asking about the type of music they prefer. Secondly you can use a simple trick to change your own mood.

When you find yourself feeling down you might mistakenly chose a song that reflects your state of feeling and so reinforce that state (see psychological effect of music, part I).

Here is the trick, when you find yourself down, you can listen to the same type of songs but instead you must use songs that start with a slow pace then completely change their pace within a few seconds.

For example, a song like “thoughtless- evanescence” starts with a slow pace so it can resonate with your feelings when you are down but few seconds later the pace will change and it will lift your mood with it. So you started with something that matched your initial feeling and moved to a different feeling using it.

Another good trick you can do when feeling down is listening to songs which induce motivation through negative wording. If you read the article positive and negative motivation you will understand that some people can become motivated via negative things such like fear, being unsatisfied ....etc.

A song like “Crawling, Linkin park” keeps talking about wounds and emotional problems that are crawling under your skin. This type of negative wording can motivate you to get rid of such bad feelings and emotional problems. So you can fool your subconscious mind via listening to a song that seems to be resonating with your bad mood while its actually motivating you to fight back;)

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