Graphology (handwriting analysis) and size of letters

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Graphology (handwriting analysis) and size of letters

Some people use big letters in writing while others use small ones. You can determine if the writing is big or small by relative comparison, for example if you write twelve words per line while a friend of yours writes five words per line then his hand writing has bigger size than yours.

graphology and big letter size

Big letter size: the person who writes big letters is usually an extrovert, he may be a confident , enthusiastic and a generous person.

Its worth to mention that if you were writing something you are sure of then the size of your letters will become bigger and vice versa. This becomes very apparent in exams, when you are sure of your answer you may write it using big letters while if you were not sure of it you may write using smaller letters.

graphology and small letter size

Small letter size: the person writing small letters is very good at concentration and has got a great deal of precision. Hey may also be reserved or lacking self confidence. Hey mat not be as social as the person who writes using big letters.

graphology and variable letter size

Variable letter size: the person using variable letter sizes ( letter sizes vary from big to small within the same article) is usually a moody and unpredictable person.

Analyzing hand writing correctly

Some people do the mistake of looking at a certain property of the hand writing sample without looking at the whole sample. For example you shouldn't judge a person based on the size of his letters but you need to look at the whole sample in order to get accurate results.

when you review the whole sample together you will be able to get much more accurate interpretations. When doing the analysis some personality traits will become clearer and will be supported throughout the handwriting while others will only be supported by week evidence. Omit the ones that aren't well supported and keep the others in order to get more accurate results.

Test the results using other sources

It makes a lot of sense to learn another way for knowing people's personalities so that you can use the findings of both ways to get more accurate results.

For example by learning face reading you can compare the results you got from both face reading and graphology in order to omit the traits that aren't supported by both.

If a trait is supported by both face reading and graphology then you can assume that its correct else you should omit it.

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