Graphology (handwriting analysis) and slant

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Graphology (handwriting analysis) and slant

The slant of the writing is the direction where the writing is tilted towards. The slant of writing could be either to the left, to the right or vertical (no slant).

You can easily recognize the slant of the handwriting sample by drawing a vertical line on the paper and seeing to what extent the letters deviate from that vertical line.

In an ideal case the letters "L" and "T" should be parallel to that vertical line with no angle between them. If there is an angle between those letters and that vertical line then this person writes with a tilted slant.

graphology and right slant

Right slant:the writer who has got a right slant is usually impulsive; he may take fast decisions then regret them later. This writer may also be looking ahead; he may be planning for the future and can’t wait for the time to pass.

graphology and left slant

Left slant:a writer with left slant may be a shy and a reserved person. He may not find it that easy to deal with strangers. He also focuses more on the past events that happen to him and he may have problems forgetting bad days in his life.

graphology and vertical (upright) slant

Vertical slant:the writer who has got a vertical slant is independent and self reliant.This person has a balanced approach concerning time and he may not be that attached to the past nor that impulsive.

graphology and uneven slant

in graphology whenever the writing becomes uneven then this means that the writer is moody or at is least experiencing different moods while writing.

Graphology, body language and face reading

Its advised that you compare the results you get from graphology to the results you get from other methods. You can for example compare the results you got from the handwriting sample to the results you got from face reading or body language.

By doing so you will increase the accuracy of your readings and you will be able to understand a person's personality in a much better way.

The more methods you use to detect a person's personality the more accurate your readings will become and the better understanding you will get.

Graphology on its own is accurate but for a beginner it will be much better that you use other methods to make sure that the readings you got are correct.

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