Graphology (handwriting analysis) and the space between words

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Graphology (handwriting analysis) and the space between words

Word spacing is the space that is left between the words while writing. It can either be wide or narrow.

Differentiating between wide and narrow spacing is easy, just see if the space between two words can fit for a letter like “k” or “w” using the writer’s handwriting dimensions. If the space is too narrow for another letter to fit in then the spacing is narrow and if the space is too wide so that It can bear more than a letter then the spacing is wide.

The space between words is one of the most important hand writing features since it can tell us a lot about the personality and the mood of the writer (of course while considering the other elements in the hand writing sample)

graphology and wide word spacing

Wide spacing: a writing sample with wide spacing between words shows that the writer is independent, cautious and a reserved person, he may also be experiencing loneliness at the time he wrote the sample.

The unconscious mind of the writer in this cases uses words to represent his relationship with other people. If the words are far from each other then the person might be feeling that he is far from people at the time of writing.

graphology and narrow word spacing

Narrow spacing: the writer who uses close spacing needs constant contact with people and that could make him sociable and warm. This writer may also have a feelings of insecurity.

This writer might be in need of reassurance or might find it hard to live alone.

graphology and normal word spacing

Normal spacing: as usual whenever there is a balance in the element under examination then we can say that the person has got a balanced attitude towards the traits related to the element.

If the writer didn't leave large spaces between words and if he didn't leave small ones then this means that he is balanced when it comes to social connections.

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