Graphology (handwriting analysis) and pen pressure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Graphology (handwriting analysis) and pen pressure

What is meant by pen pressure here is the extent to which the writer pressurizes the paper he is writing on.

You may be wondering how to determine if the writer who wrote those lines was using a heavy or a light pressure. The solution to this problem is simple, when checking the papers below the one the writer was writing on you may find deep marks that resulted from excess pressure on the top paper.

The more the number of lower papers that have the pressure marks on them the grater the pressure that was used.

graphology and heavy pressure

Heavy pressure: heavy pressure indicates that the writer has got a great deal of energy. The energy mentioned here is not only physical energy but it may be mental energy too.

This type of person may keep fighting to the end until he gets what he wants, he may also complete his tasks in spite of the difficulties that he faces and he may like physical activities.

Its worth to mention that a heavy pressure in writing may show that the writer has a type A personality.

graphology and light pressure

Light pressure: light pressure indicates that the writer have got less energy than the a writer writing with heavy pressure.

This person may prefer activities that require less physical work and he may also be a little sensitive.

This person may also be more flexible than a person who writes with heavy pressure and this may make him more adaptable to changing situations. Light pressure is sometimes referred to as feminine writing.

Moderate pressure

In real life you aren't always going to find extremes. This means that you wont be able to classify the writing sample of people under the two major categories of light pressure and heavy pressure.

Instead you are going to find people who lie in between or in other words you will find people who use moderate pressure in their writings.

Whenever you find someone falling in between two major writing styles you can assume that he has balanced traits. For example If the extremes are extremely stubborn and extremely flexible then this person will have a balanced personality that is neither very flexible nor very stubborn.

Look at the full picture

Don't look at the pen pressure alone and ignore other elements in the writing sample but instead you must look at the whole writing sample together. Some elements can together fortify the presence of a certain traits while some elements cancel the effect of others.

To get the best results you must learn how to take a look at the sample as a whole instead of one element.

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