Type A Personality vs Type B personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Type A Personality vs Type B Personality

There are many classifications out there that help in determining people’s personalities ,however, the type A and type B classification is the most famous one due to its high accuracy.

This classification divides people into type As, type Bs and other types like Type C and d But the most famous ones are the A the B. below is all what you need to know about these types:

Type A Personality

The following are the characteristics of the type A personality

  • Overly concerned with the time: Type As have got a severe sense of time urgency. They are always running and can hardly relax. If they sat without doing something useful they may end up feeling guilty
  • Obsessed with achievements: Type As are over achievers, they usually get themselves involved in many different unrelated activities and try to perform well in them all.
  • They experience a lot of stress: Type A's biggest problem is stress, they are usually overwhelmed by the amount of tasks they have to do. These tasks are usually a huge list that they planned for themselves.
  • They are very competitive: Type As are usually very competitive, they love challenges and hate to lose. Type As can sometimes become aggressive due to their intense desire to win
  • They are usually very ambitious: Type As are usually very ambitious people who want to achieve so many different goals. According to one theory some people turn into Type A's to be able to achieve the long list of goals they have set for themselves
  • They can hardly relax: Type As don't know how to relax. Even when they are on a vacation they might think of work or might feel guilty just because they aren't being productive
  • Might have problems with team work: Due to their unusual speed in finishing tasks Type A's can be challenged by slow people who work with them. Some type A's prefer to work alone
  • They a have wide range of interests: Type As usually have a wide range of interests. They are highly organized and usually try to maintain a good level of achievement in all the activities they are interested in
  • Might prefer routine: Many type As prefer routine over uncertain tasks because it allows them to get their tasks done in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Goal oriented and laser focused: A Typical Type A is a laser focused and goal oriented person. If a Type A went to buy something then he won't return home without it. Getting the goal done at all costs is an integral part of the Type A's way of thinking

Type B Personality

  • Relaxed and laid back: Type B personality is almost the opposite of Type A. This type of person is relaxed by nature and has no sense of time urgency. Those people aren't overly concerned with deadlines as much as Type As are
  • They experience less stress: Type Bs have got no problems relaxing or sitting without doing anything. Unlike Type As who feel guilty if they didn't work Type B's can relax and enjoy their time
  • They might procrastinate: Type Bs may delay the work they have to the last moment and they usually don't get stressed that easily. Some Type Bs might become procrastinators.
  • They can become achievers as well: Type B could be an achiever too but his lack of sense of time urgency helps him much in not feeling stressed while doing his tasks.
  • They are much more patient: Type Bs are usually much more patient than Type As who might have serious patience problems. A typical Type A would want to get what he wants right now and he might even change the decision just because the speed of delivery isn't as he expected. If a Type A went to buy something then he will chose the fastest path and the easiest way

Genes plus environmental factors

The combination of certain genes and environmental factors can either make a person a Type A or a Type B. If a kid was raised in a way that he became very ambitious yet he wanted to achieve much in a short period of time then he might become a Type A.

Type As are also considered brave people in individual psychology because they responded to the environment challenges correctly by moving towards their goals instead of running away from them. Type Bs can also be brave. Some Type Bs however might just be too scared to move forward in life and as a result they turned into procrastinators.

It's important to note that a Type B isn't a procrastinator but some type B's become procrastinators if they lacked enough courage.

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