Advice for the Type A personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Type A Personality and stress

The Type A personality can be recognized from a distance. He is always running, working on different projects and busier than the average person.

If you are a Type A personality then you probably face a tremendous amount of stress every day.

Stress is a an extremely harmful emotion. Not only will it spoil your mood and make you feel worse but it will also destroy your health completely if you allowed it to persist.

You must know that unless you follow proper methods for managing your stress you may end up with a stroke. In addition to the normal practices you can do to manage your stress it’s really recommended that you stick to the following guidelines if you are a type A:

Advice for the Type A

  • Read about the physical and mental damage stress can lead you to in order to motivate yourself to learn how to control your stress
  • Manage your time properly by learning time management skills. Time management will allow you to be more in control of your time and so your sense of time urgency wont cause you much stress
  • Be flexible as much as you can when you are trying to achieve something. Don't set rigid goals or use a rigid approach
  • Include in your schedule sometime for exercising and preferably the time for exercising should be in between two important activities that you do
  • Sit alone while working if you can, if you can't it may be useful to use ear plugs

Type A personalities, their life style and stress

I am a type A personality and i fully understand how does it feel like to have important goals that you need to reach in a short period of time however put in mind that you can still do the same amount of work you do everyday while feeling less stressed.

Take actions to improve your working conditions and the place you work at so that you reduce some of the stress you face everyday.

Take breaks if you are a type A

One of biggest challenges that Type A personalities face is taking breaks. Yes believe it or not type A people feel bad when they take breaks unless they are way ahead of their schedule.

What you might not be aware of as a Type A is that the few minutes you are saving by avoiding breaks will be lost later on when you find yourself feeling tired and exhuaseted.

I am not only talking about short short breaks but am also talking about holidays. When you take a day off your mind becomes clearer and you become more able to deal with your life challenges.

Sometimes less work can lead to more productivity. Sometimes its better to stop working for a day or two in order to come up with an ultimate soloution that saves you hours of work.

Your subconsciousness mind works even when you take a rest

Here is another fact you might not be aware of. Even when you take a day off your subconscious mind will be working on your problems in the background.

In many cases you will need the help of the subconscious mind to come up with solutions to your problems. That's why its not recommended at all to disrupt the operation of your subconscious mind by keeping your mind busy all day.

In other words, this is another theory that shows how less can lead to more.

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