Type A personality career and teamwork

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

working with the Type A personality

One of the main challenges the type A personality faces is when he finds that he has to work with a team or with a group of people whom are not Type A’s.

Usually the Type A ends up either not satisfied by their progress or having a quarrel with them.

Why is it hard to work with Type A personalities

The main problem with working with the Type A arises from the following points:

  • When people don’t have high time urgency: what can really drive a type A mad is when he finds that people don’t put much weight to the passage of time. If you want to get along with a type A make sure that you pay some attention to your progress with respect to time
  • When people don’t achieve much: the average type A usually achieves more than double the achievement of other people in the same period of time (maybe more than double) when the type A finds that people he is working with are slow he may get annoyed.

when the Type A becomes an entrepreneur

When a Type A takes a step to start his own business he will usually have major problems with all of those who work with him. In that case the Type A does tremendous effort in order for his business to rise. If people didn't match the efficiency or the speed of a type A then certainly problems will arise.

In such a case the type A usually becomes very critical to others when they don't match his speed.

advice for Type A

The best thing you can do If you are a Type A who has to work in a team is to find another type A’s to work with. Not only this will help in avoiding the problems that i just mentioned but it will also lead to an outstanding performance.

If you cant find another Type A to work with then try to understand that people are different and that we all not all the same. by knowing about other personality types you can develop a good understanding of the people around you even if the weren't like you.

Type A in relationships

The behavior of Type A's in relationships is no different than their behavior in other life areas. Type A's have a hard time waiting and that's why they have problems with slow partners.

If a Type A Got into a relationship with another person who procrastinates he will end up feeling irritated.

If you are in a relationship with a Type A then make sure you respect his time schedule and not to waste his time unless its really important.

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