a b c d personality types

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A b c d personality types

The Classification of personality types into the four major categories a,b,c and d is one of the very accurate personality type assessments.

However there are few points you must take into consideration about any personality type theory before reading about it which is that the human personality is too complex to be described in the terms of one theory.

For example you might find that you have Type D personality traits but still find that you have some personality traits from another type such as type C.

The second thing you must be put into consideration is that you will certainly have tons of other personality traits that are not covered at all by a single theory, that's why one personality type theory is certainly insufficient to help you understand yourself well.

If you understood those points well then continue further to know about the a b c and d personality types.

Type A personality traits

Type A personalities are competitive, high achievers and have a high sense of time urgency. As a result of these combined traits Type A's are always found to be busy working on their own projects. Type A's felt insecure at one point of their lives and so they decided to fight the insecurity by changing their lives and making achievements as fast as they can. For more information about Type A personalities read this article.

Type B personality traits

Type B's are the opposite of type A's. They are relaxed, laid back and not easily stressed. While type B can be achievers too still they won't be as competitive as Type A's. Tybe b can delay work and do it in the last moment, some of them can turn into procrastinators which is something that a type A can never do. For more information about type b personality read this article.

Type C personality traits

Type C personalities love details and can spend a lot of time trying to find out how things work and this makes them very suitable for technical jobs. Type C are not assertive at all and they always suppress their own desires even if there is something that they dislike. The lack of assertiveness results in tremendous stress and sometimes in depression. Type Cs are very vulnerable to depression compared to type A and type B. To know more about type C personality read this article.

Type D personality traits

D stands for distressed, Type D's have a negative outlook towards life and are pessimistic. A small event that is not even noticed by type B can ruin type D's day.
Type D might become socially withdrawn as a result of fear of rejection even if they like to be around people. T

Type D's are famous for suppressing their emotions and this makes them the most vulnerable type to depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that one of the famous causes for depression is suppressing your emotions for long periods of time without venting them someway. To read more about the Type D personality check this link.

Can personality types be changed??

The quick answer is definitely. Whether you are a type A B C or D you can still change your personality or even change one single trait that is associated with one of those types but before you can do that you must be aware of the following:

  • Don't let a quiz fool you: Many people read online quiz results and consider them God sent. Its very common that someone forms a limiting belief about his personality and becomes stuck doing a certain behavior just because a quiz result gave him false information about himself. In short, Human personalities are too complex to be assessed by an online quiz.
  • We don't inherit personality: We don't inherit our personalities nor we are stuck because of our genes. A type A personality can have three children who are Type B, Type C and type D. So stop fooling yourself by believing that you can't change to the better as a result of your genes
  • Treat the underlying causes: For example, Type Ds by nature fear to talk about their emotions and to approach people as a result of their fear of rejection. In order for a type D to change his personality he first needs to build self esteem so that he stops fearing rejection and once he deals with that root cause his problem will disappear on its own.

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