Do genes affect personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do genes affect personality

Lots of people are reluctant to read about self development as a result of believing that their personalities can't be changed and that their genes are limiting them.

This belief that states that a person is stuck because of his genes doesn't only prevent him from growing but it also prevents him from developing essential life skills that are vital to building his self confidence.

So what's the truth about the effect of genes on personality? and to what extent we are limited by our genes?

Environmental factors plus genes

Personality development is governed by genes plus environmental factors. This means that two person's having similar genes could develop two different personalities if they were raised in different places or if they were subjected to different environmental factors.

For example, two girls having the same level of intelligence might perform completely different in math based on the culture they were raised in, if the culture supported the idea that a too intelligent girl might be a threat to the man who should be in control of the family then the girl might develop lower IQ and focus on her looks instead of focusing on math!!

That also explains why some blonds are airheads, they just reflect back the stereotype people are imposing on them.

Genes affect each other

The second very important fact is that the presence of one gene can limit the function of another gene completely even if those genes were not related at all.

This means that even if you have a certain gene you might not be affected by it at all because another gene is limiting its effect.

The conclusion was can make is that looking at only one gene and believing that you are stuck because of it is a big mistake.

Gens and self confidence

Lots of people believe that they will never be able to build self confidence because they don't have self confidence genes and that's completely wrong!!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that self confidence is nothing more than a set of beliefs that you have about yourself and your abilities and since we are all born clean without any beliefs no one is born with self confidence.

If you were raised in an encouraging environment and learned how to feel worthy then you will become a confident adult with disregard to your genes and if the opposite happened you will lack confidence even if you had superior genes.

In short, you are not limited by your genes and the decision to improve yourself and grow is completely up to you.

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