How to have a strong personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to have a strong personality

Becoming more powerful and having a strong personality is a dream that many people have, however, with the vagueness of the steps required to reach this dream lots of people just give up and remain as they are.

While it’s extremely hard to define a strong personality (because the definition can differ from a person to a person) still there are few aspects that are common among all definitions of a strong personality.

According to common beliefs, a person who has a strong personality should be influential, powerful and a leader instead of a follower. In this article i will tell you how to have a strong personality by learning how to prevent others from affecting you.

How the people around us affect us

How can someone have a strong personality without first being himself?
Nowadays our society, friends and relatives expect us to behave in certain ways and to conform to their rules.

Under the effect of peer pressure lots of people become a "Yet another person" instead of being someone who is special or powerful. The following are simple examples of how the people around us affect us:

  • The way we dress: The clothes that we pick and the way we dress is highly affected by fashion and people’s expectations
  • The way we behave: As soon as you do anything unexpected or that is different you will find lots of people questioning your actions and even blaming you for it
  • Our choices: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I explained how friend's recommendation of a certain person can make him appear more attractive!! So even our choices can be affected by the people around us!!
  • Everything else: do this, do that, are you mad or even you are nuts are all kinds of expression that we encounter everyday that has the intention of letting us become another sheep in the herd

The first step to having a strong personality is to break free from the herd and have your own thoughts, ideas, beliefs, behavior and personality.

Becoming a stronger personality by learning how to be different

As soon as you try to be different lots of people who want to feel safe by finding that everyone is conforming to the norms will try to oppose you. In this section I will provide you with many techniques that can help you silence anyone who attempts to do that:

  • What’s the problem?: Weak people pull back as soon as someone warns them or even change their behavior to satisfy others while those who have strong personalities question the accuser, "What’s the problem in doing so?" , "I like doing so" or "It appeals to me" are all possible replies that shows that you have a strong personality”
  • Counter attack: People who have strong personalities surprise others by countering back instead of trying to defend themselves. "Why are you blaming me for making a mistake? Haven’t you done any mistakes in your life before??"
  • I like it and that’s the excuse: People who have a low self esteem try to find excuse for doing the things they are doing so that they please others. people who have a strong personality on other hand know that liking what they are doing or simply believing that its important for them is the excuse. "I do it because I like it, why would I do what you like instead?"
  • These are your rules I follow mine: People who lack confidence always follow the rules even if they make no sense. People who have strong personalities on the other hand follow their own set of rules. "Why shouldn’t I do this? I follow my own rules not yours"

Of course this is not all but it’s just the beginning. The first step to a strong personality is learning how to be yourself. Now move on to step two to continue.

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