How to gain power and influence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to gain power and influence

Gaining power and influence is not something that you can do overnight but it’s a goal that can certainly be achieved if you worked hard for it and gave it the time it requires.

Power has two Elements, personal power and perceived power. Personal power is the type of power that makes you recover from setbacks, reach your goals, stand your ground in hard times and achieve anything you want.

Perceived power is the power that the people who know you think that you posses. A person might be powerful but completely unnoticed to those around him and another person might be weak yet appears to be powerful to some people.

In order to gain power and influence you need to build personal power then market it to others.

How to become powerful and influential

In order to become powerful and influential you must spend a considerable amount of time doing the following:

  • Learn how to handle shocks, be patient and how to stop impulsiveness: On facing the slightest problem weak people panic, become afraid, feel helpless, become sleepless, feel bad and take wrong decisions. In order to become powerful you need to be able to absorb the bad news or the unwanted event calmly without moving a finger tip and without taking any quick actions. The more you can withstand small shocks without doing something foolish and without being terrified the more powerful you will become. The good news is that such a skill can be learned by training (see Dealing with helplessness & Controlling your emotions
  • Learn to be resilient: Withstanding shocks alone won’t make you powerful or influential because sooner or later you will fall under the pressure of the accumulated problems and that’s why you must learn how to become resilient and unstoppable so that you deal with these problems you are facing instead of becoming helpless. Withstanding the shock should be done in the first few days so that you prevent yourself from taking wrong decisions but after that you must take strong actions to solve them. See How to become resilient & How to become unstoppable
  • Kill the dependency on others: If you are extremely dependent on others for gaining support, love, money, complements, encouragements or self confidence then you will always be weak. Real power can be acquired after learning how to get rid of all types of dependency on others (see External dependency and addiction
  • The power of knowledge: You don’t have to have a PHD degree in order to become powerful you just need to know more than your friends!! The Teen who knows the directions his friends should follow on their way to the beach is certainly more powerful than those who don’t know it. Collect as much knowledge as you can and you won’t only become powerful but people will come to you for help. See Controlling your emotions and How to become more powerful and influential
  • The power of connections: The more people you know and the more intimate relations you have the more powerful you will become. Help people, guide them, do them favors and they will become loyal to you. Keep making loyal friends and you will become very powerful as people will turn to you when they need something.
  • The power of confidence: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people believe whatever information you project about yourself. Learning how to act confident will let the most think that you are powerful and influential
  • Dependency on external factors: If you are extremely dependent on your job (in case you can’t find another one if you were laid off) or on a certain resource in case you can find another one if you lost it then you will never become powerful. Learn how to become resourceful and how to be able to find another way out when you get stuck and you will become powerful.(see there is no way out)

How to market your power?

The “perceived power” which is how powerful people think you are can only be built by two things. Letting people see you while acting powerful and marketing your power. Marketing your power can be done very easily today though the hundreds of social networking sites available.

For example, on Facebook you don’t have to say, hey everybody I am powerful but you just need to have lots of friends and the news will spread by itself. Using pictures, indirect messages and status updates can help help influence the beliefs of your friends and convince them with the facts you want.

If you managed to become powerful then please use your power to help those who are in need. If you used your power to crush those who hurt you then you will only be powerful from the outside and weak from the inside. Real power is helping those who need you when you are in a position of power.

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