How to become popular

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Be a good listener??

Its really disappointing how most websites that appeared in Google when I searched for the key phrase "How to become popular" Gave advice like be a good listener, help others and dare to crack jokes.

Being a good listener will certainly help you communicate better, helping others might lead you to heaven and cracking jokes might make you more interesting but none of these lame advice can help you become popular.

I believe these articles were written by people who were never popular or who are still trying to prove their theory. As usual, in 2knowmyself i write articles to fill the gap resulting from inferior content on the internet.

My website 2knowmsyelf is getting more than 600,000 hit/month, my name has become a popular Google search keyword (M.Farouk Radwan) and I show up on television every week, maybe that’s not popular enough but its more than enough to qualify me to give you tips on how to become popular.

How to become popular

Why is Mark zuckerburg popular? (Yes, the facebook guy)
Because he invented facebook!!

Mark is young guy who has done something very impressive which is creating a website that at the time of writing this article is the third most visited website after Google and yahoo.

So we can conclude that popular people are those who managed to do something very impressive that triggered people's attention

Surely you don’t have to invent another facbook or to climb mountain Everest while sleeping in order to become popular but you need to have an impressive story to tell.

When I was in college I became popular because of the very large number of friends I had. My story at that time was simple yet very impressive "I had to buy another mobile phone with a larger memory in order to store the enormous amount of phone numbers of my friends"

This short story was enough to make me popular at that time because during college social life is usually one of the major interests of almost everyone and when someone is seen to be excelling in it he becomes popular.(see How to impress people for more information on choosing the story to tell).

How will spreading your story make your popular

When you have an impressive enough story to tell people who were impressed will start to tell each other about it and then subconscious mind programming will do the rest.

As described in my book How to make someone fall in love with you, subconscious mind programming is the act of programming someone’s mind by repetition.

If two different people told your the same impressing story to a third person on different days then the guy will be programmed by the story and he will believe in it.

Now what if lots of people kept talking about your story behind your back? What if each person heard your story from lots of different people on different days?

Surely that will make you very popular!!

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