How to become resilient

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is resilience?

I never heard of a successful man who achieved his success from the first attempt. One of the famous rules for achieving success is that you have to fail many times before you succeed in doing anything.

Just watch yourself trying to use a new mobile phone that you bought. Don’t you press many incorrect keys before you actually discover the right way to operate the phone?

Every failed attempt contains a message saying that there is another way to do what you are trying to do. This means that reaching whatever you want only requires you to keep receiving these messages and changing your actions accordingly until you manage to reach what you want.

Even though this fact is well known, lots of people fail to get what they want because they feel broken after few failed attempts and lose the ability to stand up again. This ability is called resilience, or the ability to stand up again even after you fail several times.

How to become resilient

What’s the difference between those who recover every time and those who stay broken?

The difference between the two groups is that the first group believed in themselves while the other one lost hope. When looking at the reasons people don’t recover from setbacks we find that the reasons are, learned helplessness, loss of hope due to false beliefs and believing that there is no way out.

Even though the reasons appear as if they are not connected, still they all stem from the same root which is not believing in yourself.

Suppose that you started a new business and then managed to find a time machine that took you to the future where you saw your business very successful and prospering. When you arrive back again, do you think that you will ever lose hope if you faced major obstacles?

No you will never lose hope simply because you knew that you are going to be successful. This leads us to a very important conclusion, in order to become successful you must believe in what you are doing as if you saw yourself successful in the future. This highlights the importance of having a vision which is the future image you have got in your mind for your goals after they are achieved.

Examples of resilient people

Warren buffet the richest man in the world made his money from investments yet he was rejected in his early years and his tutor recommended that he chooses another career that is not related to the stock market.

the Pepsi cola company went bankrupt during the great depression as a result of betting on the fluctuating sugar prices.

If I wasn’t resilient myself I wouldn’t have succeed in making a website that generates thousands of dollars/month in less than 2 years even tough I faced lots of difficulties at the website’s early times.

I am sure you failed many times before you learned how to walk, before you learned how to use a mobile phone and before you succeeded in browsing the internet just like you are doing now.

The key to reaching what you want is rebounding back whenever you fall and then avoiding doing the thing that made you fall.

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