Becoming unstoppable

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Your actions affect your personality

The tiny actions that we take everyday affect our personalities on the long run.

The way we deal with tiny life problems programs our minds and determines the way we will react to big life problems. For example crossing the road carelessly might affect our decision making abilities later on in life and result in letting us take hasty decisions when it comes to bigger issues.

This also works the other way around, if you kept acting broken and down whenever you face a small issue you will end up with a fragile personality that cracks whenever something big happens.

This means that our personalities can be shaped by our actions over time even if these actions were small tasks. Based on this concept we can conclude that if we found some kind of a task that lets us act in an unstoppable way then we can learn how to become really unstoppable.

Becoming unstoppable

Believe it or not, learning a programing language and giving it enough time of your day will teach you how to become unstoppable.

Programmers usually try to achieve something using their code but usually the right code never comes from the first attempt. The programmer has to keep searching , making experiments and reading until he finds the right syntax that makes his program works.

As the person keeps trying and trying to reach that goal he learns persistence and becomes goal driven. Because finding the right syntax is linked to the release of pleasure producing hormones the programmer becomes motivated to fix the code before he leaves his chair.

In short, programming is analogous to life problems and it can teach you how to not give up before you reach your goals or in other words it can teach you how to become unstoppable.

What else can make you unstoppable

The actions you do can be changed but try to stick to the same concept. Even if you are trying to fix something at your room, not giving up until you do it will affect your personality.

If you became unstoppable in solving your tiny life problems your personally will change accordingly and you will become really unstoppable.

Its all about teaching your mind the required skills for becoming unstoppable even in a made up environment or by using a tiny model that is analogous to big life problems.

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