How to become unstoppable

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What does being unstoppable mean?

how to become unstoppable?
Over the past years I kept examining the reasons that make some people resilient and the ones that make others helpless. I was eagerly trying to find out if there are a set of methods and actions that could make someone really unstoppable and I was right about it.

What does being unstoppable mean? Does it mean being superior or being omnipotent?
No, it only means that you will become a normal human being who will always reach what he wants.

When you become unstoppable you might feel sad or down just like anybody else but the main difference between you and them is that within few days your energy will be recharged back and you will find yourself fighting again for what you believe in.

Being unstoppable means that life problems will never stop you from reaching what you want whatever happens. In this article i will tell you how to become unstoppable.

How to become unstoppable

I don’t want you to scan the following points because they are the summary of years of research but instead read them slowly, one by one and try to relate them to situations that happened to you in your life.

The keys to becoming unstoppable:

  1. Knowing what you should do in order to solve the problem: Lets assume you want to lose weight, by knowing the proper life style you should stick to and the proper diet you have to follow you will have enough knowledge to fight back and lose weight. Lack of knowledge results in frustration and helplessness and can prevent you from being unstoppable.
  2. Knowing how to find the required knowledge: Suppose that you wanted to lose weight but had no idea about what you should do. If learning, reading and exploring the internet were some of your skills then you will find yourself motivated to learn about the ways to solve your problem else you will find yourself feeling helpless then depressed. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression in most cases is nothing more than a response to your helplessness and lack of ability to cope with your problems. In order to become unstoppable you need to be able to know how to find the required knowledge.
  3. Believing in the knowledge you acquired: lets suppose you found few articles that told you that in order to lose weight you must follow a severe diet. If you didn’t believe that this kind of diet will work for you or if you believed that its hard for you to commit to it then most probably you will become indifferent. (see my article Why do i lack motivation?).
  4. Avoid The time trap: Another problem is Knowing what to do, believing in it but not having time to follow the plan because of work, studying, college....etc. This is the most popular case and it leads to frustration and depression.

The Formula for being unstoppable

Lack of knowledge results in frustration and helplessness
Not knowing how to find the required knowledge results in helplessness and depression
Not believing in the knowledge results in indifference and lack of motivation

Knowing, believing but lacking time to apply results in frustration and depression
Knowing what to do, believing in it and responding right away will result in making you resilient and unstoppable

Your goal is to find your area of weakness and fix it so that you become unstoppable. If your problem is lack of knowledge then you must learn how to find out answers through books and the internet. If your problem was not believing in the knowledge you find then you must learn how to get rid of limiting beliefs and how to find the right trusted sources.
If your problem was lack of time then you must take a week off to solve your problem then restore your normal life.

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