Why are some people high achievers

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why are some people high achievers

Why are some people high achievers?
What motivates certain people to achieve big goals?

Before studying psychology i used to look superficially at every personality trait without getting the deeper meaning behind it. Later on i discovered that any behavior that exceeds the norms weather in the positive or the negative direction is an indication of a certain underlying psychological imbalance.

For example, if a person is high achiever and if another person achieves nothing then we can say that both have a certain underlying psychological imbalance. For the high achiever that imbalance is certainly positive while for the low achiever that imbalance is considered negative but in both cause the cause is a certain imbalance.

So what exactly motivates some people to become high achievers?

What makes certain people high achievers?

In my previous article ambitious people i said that high achievers are the ones who have some kind of insecurity that forces them to achieve very big goals.

I said that a millionaire might or might have not been born in a poor family but a billionaire is usually a person who suffered from severe financial insecurity and thus became a high achiever.

High achievers usually become so in order to compensate for a certain insecurity that they feel as a result of certain life experiences that they have been through. Personally i became a high achiever financially because i felt financially insecure for many years (i became a dot com millionaire at the age of 28 see my book How i did it).

Another group of people became high achievers as a result of the insecurities they feel about themselves. Out of lack of confidence some people turn into perfectionists in order to cover their flaws.

As you can see there are numerous good and bad reasons that can make some people high achievers but in the end all of these reasons meet in one point which is the intense insecurity the person feels.

Are you a high achiever?

If you are a high achiever then you should feel great.
Whatever the reason that made you become that way you should be grateful for it.

However there is one point that you must put into consideration in order to live a happier life. If you became a high achiever because of something like financial insecurity then you shouldn't do anything about it as this insecurity will disappear as soon as you collect enough money.

But if you became a high achiever because of lack of self confidence or even feelings of inferiority then you must work on dealing with these causes in order to live a happy life.

By the way, even if you got rid of these causes you will still be a high achiever as you already got used to that trait.

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