How to become a millionaire (Written by a Dot Com millionaire)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become a millionaire, Written by a Dot Com millionaire :D

If you want to gain muscles in the gym then you must ask for advice of a person who has already got big muscles, after all, it would make no sense to ask a very skinny person about the right way to grow your muscles!!

The same goes for money, if you want to become a millionaire then no one can tell you how to do that better than a self made millionaire.

I am extremely proud to announce that this month i became a dot Com millionaire at the Age of 28 because of my website 2knowmyself, check out my book How i did it in order to know how i did it.

In this article i will tell you how to become a millionaire too.

Think like a millionaire and you will become one

In order to become a millionaire you need to change some of your existing beliefs and to do the following:

  • Forget about doing it through your day job: First of all let me be very clear about that, you should never quit your day job before you have a big stable income that can help you cover your expenses else your life will become miserable. On the other hand, never try to become a millionaire through your day job because one of the following scenarios is likely to happen: 1) You will work really hard then become millionaire after 20 or even 30 years where a million would have no real value 2) Work really hard and reach nothing
  • Private business is the key to becoming a millionaire fast: Starting your own business is the fastest way to become a millionaire, i did it in four years because i did many mistakes on my way. If i were to avoid these mistakes i might have done it in a shorter period of time
  • Pick a Business that has no ceiling You will hardly become a millionaire if you started a small shop unless your goal is to turn it into a large regional store that has lots of branches. When i was thinking about starting a business i never went for options that had a ceiling or limited potential and that's one of the main reasons i settled for internet business, In short, think BIG even if you started small
  • The stock market is not the place to become rich quick: I have spent years struggling in the stock market, completed my MBA during that period and lost 40,000 precious dollars. Its a fact, just like the sun rises from the east, that any person who tries to get rich quick through the stock market will end up losing his money and sometimes with a nervous break down too. I am not saying that you can't become a millionaire through the stock market but what i am saying is that in order to do that you need to learn a lot and that won't take a year or two
  • There is no such a thing as get rich quick: Some people will never become rich and will never become millionaires. Those are the ones who look for get rich quick opportunities and so end up losing their money to people who fool them and to people who manipulate them using their dreams. I became a millionaire in few years, that's still quick but when i started my plan wasn't becoming a millionaire in 2 months, instead i had long term business goals that helped me make the dream come true
  • You don't have any money?: Still you can become a millionaire, today you can start a blog or a website with no initial cost and if it succeeded you can become a millionaire and who knows, it may become the next facebook!! I am not trying to limit your options to only internet business but my point is that there are some businesses that can be started with very low or even zero budget
  • The final and the most important advice: You might not succeed at the first try or even the fourth. Put in mind that business success is all about failing many times before you manage to discover what really works

More tips on becoming rich

Before you can become rich you need to have a burning desire to make money. Many people chose certain goals just because they appeal to them and not because they really have passion for them.

Because i have been through tough situations that made me feel financially insecure i developed a very powerful desire to become rich. I was ready to work until i drop, to not take a day off and to sacrifice many of the things i loved just to reach my goals.

In other words if you really want to become a millionaire and if you have a burning desire to do it then you will. The road to success is not rosy nor its paved. Don't feel bad after your first few failed attempts because certainly you are going to face many failures before you make it.

I didn't only study psychology for 10 years but i also completed my MBA and became a dot com millionaire, The information you just read can dramatically increase your chance of increasing your wealth and of becoming reach. The book How I did it was written by Me and it explains how I managed to make a website that generates thousands of dollars/month in less than 2 years without paying a penny and that made me yet another dot com millionaire :)

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