How to become motivated again

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become motivated again

Sometimes we lose hope and give up right after we fail to achieve something that we wanted to achieve.

Some people know how to become motivated again and to stand up whenever they fall while others stay down for prolonged periods until something favorable happens that helps them get up again.

Knowing how to become motivated again right after right failing is an essential survival skill in life. After all anyone who wants tosucceed must face few failures in the beginning and if that person didn't know how to collect his power once again after these failures then he will never succeed.

What happens when we lose motivation

People usually lose motivation when they find that their efforts yielded no results or when they change their beliefs about the difficulty of the tasks they want to achieve. if you believed that the task you wanted to do is harder than you expected then you might find it hard to become motivated once again.

So how to get up and become motivated once again quickly right after losing hope?
The movie "Requiem of a dream" is said to be very depressing but in the same time it can be used to ignite your motivation fire right after you fail.

The movie is all about lost dreams. It tells the story of people who failed to achieve their goals throughout their lives before they ended in miserable ways.

When you see such a movie or hear the sound track (which is very famous) you will identify with the actors, experience their emotions and feel their failures.

Suddenly you will start to hate the idea of giving up on your dreams because you wont want to be like anyone of those people in the movie. This is what i call negative motivation or motivation that results from not wanting to be something instead of wanting to be something.

When to use Negative motivation

This is exactly what might come to your mind while watching the movie or listening to the soundtrack. You don't want to be like the people you saw and that's why your energy will be recharged.

Its the same thing as becoming motivated to exercise because of not wanting to look awful rather than wanting to look great.

But the question is, why do some people become motivated when they see the movie while others feel really down?

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression happens when we find ourselves helpless and clueless about the actions we should take in order to reach our goals.

The key to the correct use of negative motivation is to be aware of the actions you must take to reach your goals before you motivate yourself.

For example if a guy wanted to lose weight but never knew how to do it then negative motivation would put him down while if this guy knew that he has to exercise in order to lose weight then using negative motivation will give him the required push to exercise.

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