How to recover from failure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to recover from failure

So you have done your best, made great effort and tried every possible method you know but failed to reach what you want, right?

In lots of articles I talked about resilience, recovery from setbacks and dealing with rejection but I never mentioned one of the most important factors that helped me succeed in reaching in my goals, which is having the Spartan’s attitude.

In this article I will explain how you can recover from failure and stand up again even if you faced numerous failures.

Failure and rejection are essential for success

2knowmyself nowadays gets more than 600,000 hit/month, has got 18,000,000 Visits so far and made me a dot com millionaire but this wasn’t the case in the first few months I was running it. Here is a summary of the failures and rejections I faced earlier:

  • Social book marking websites rejected it: My self help articles, which are now considered one of the best if not the best on the internet, used to disappear from Reddit’s main page few seconds after the submission. This means that Reddit users didn’t like them (how would i have known that most Reddit users were shallow at that time? and that they only wanted silly news or even porn?).
  • My friends rejected it: Lots of my friends told me that making money from a website is impossible and now I am making multiples of their salaries each month while working from bed.
  • Everyone Rejected it: Lots of people questioned whether my site can find a place in between the millions of self help website that existed on the internet at that time but 2 years later my website became one of the top 100,000 websites on the internet (the internet has more than 192 million websites) and i am making thousands of dollars each month out of it
  • Wikipedia: The links to my site that I added to wikipedia’s pages were removed few hours after being added. Nowadays if you searched for a topic that my website covers thoroughly and you might find it appearing before wikipedia in Google’s results.
  • Even you Google? Google Adsense team rejected my website the first time they reviewed it (I didn’t know then that it was because the site was down at the time of the review) and now I am making four times my first salary from Google ads alone.

Madness?? this is 2knowmyself

Had I believed anyone of those people or had I lost faith in my website it would have became one of the dead blogs out there that gets no visitors at all.

The reason i call this method the Spartan’s attitude is because Spartans shouted back at those who questioned their powers. You will never reach success before you face numerous rejections and the only way to reach what you want and to recover from failure is to believe in yourself then wait until you prove those people who rejected you wrong.

The next time someone rejects you, rejects your business idea or tries to put you down answer him:


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