Persistence is the key to getting what you want

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do things never work for you

Have you ever asked yourself questions like: "Why do things never work for me? Why do I never succeed while others do? Why do some people reach their goals, while others don't? "

I bet you have asked yourself those questions before. Have you ever started doing a certain activity but after trying a couple of times decided that it was too hard for you?

Maybe you thought that you lack the qualities needed to perform the required activity. Or maybe you've done like most people and started complaining about your bad luck, the bad economy and all of the other external conditions that affect you.

Its only about the number of tries

Successful people have proved to us that anyone can achieve anything that he wants provided that he tries hard enough. "But how hard is hard enough ?"

Here's an example. Let's say that you need to fall about one hundred and fifty times before you can reach a certain level of proficiency in skating. Let's assume that you only tried one hundred and ten times. You might stop trying and call yourself a failure because you fell for 110 times. But if you knew the truth - that you were only 40 trials away from achieving your goal - you wouldn't have stopped then.

Off course, there isn't any known constant number of tries that you need to complete for every activity because the number of required tries depends on your skills.

For example If you were very skilled at sports, with good feet co-ordination and balance you may only need to fall twenty or thirty times before you can skate well.

An average person may need seventy tries while someone with zero sports background may need to try more than a hundred times. But in the end all people will able to skate if they were patient enough!

Do you find it hard to believe?

If this didn't sound convincing then just go ahead and read those few examples:

Thomas Edison failed nine hundred ninety nine times before he succeeded at inventing the lamp On the 1000th attempt!!! When he was asked how he managed to continue trying in spite of failing all those times, he told them: "Whenever it didn't work, I would never say that I failed. I just say that I've found another incorrect way to make the lamp".

It was previously thought that a man can never run a mile in less than 4 minutes. That belief was there for years and no one ever dared to doubt its correctness. That was until Roger Banister proved that this was not true by running a mile in less than 4 minutes. Just after that in the same year another 37 runners broke the record followed by hundreds later.

What's interesting here is that if anyone of those runners had tried hard enough before Banister he could have done it But they all gave up to the belief and didn't try hard because they thought that trying was useless in this case.

More examples: Henry Ford lost all of his fortune 6 times, and each time he managed to collect his money back. (see How to become rich)

Walt Disney's idea of creating a cartoon character called "Mickey Mouse" was rejected more than 5 times until he managed to find someone who supported the idea and then Mickey came to life.

English novelist John Creasey got 753 rejection slips before he published 564 books. (see Inspirational stories of successful people).

do you think they were exceptions?

If you think that this happened only to those people then you are totally wrong because it happened to you as well many times!

Let me give you an example. When you were a kid learning how to walk, How many times did you fall down? How many times did you try to stand up but couldn't do it?

If you were exposed to that situation with the mentality that you have nowadays maybe you were going to say that life is becoming so hard,that babies can't walk easily these days and that parents don't give them the required support (chocolates maybe?). Or maybe you would have thought that other kids are going to laugh at you because you can't walk. (see Why do people blame others)

Funny but true, so let's take a look at this situation deeply. Why didn't you give up when you were a baby? Why did you keep trying until you did it? Simply because at that time you had not yet learned how to give up or how to blame the circumstances for everything that you fail to achieve.

Enough with babies, let me give you a more recent example.
When you started to learn how to drive, how many times did you fail to make the car move forward? or how many times did the car suddenly stop while driving? Do you remember the people yelling at you because you were blocking the road with your car?

This also happened to all of us and the question you should ask yourself is the same, why you kept trying again and again until you became someone who can drive while listening to the stereo and maybe eating at the same time?

The answer is that you saw everybody driving successfully and so believed that its quite possible to do like them.

So you knew you could do it, and you didn't give up until you learned how to drive. But what's amazing here is that driving is one of the most difficult activities a person can learn.

Did you notice how you need to move both of your legs and hands in different directions at the same time! You are moving your four limbs at the same time, each one in a different direction! Moreover, you are using your mind to concentrate and to make calculations, estimates and decisions !!

Persistence is the key to getting what you want

The conclusion you must have reached by now is that one of the laws of life that God created is that if you kept trying and trying you will reach what you want, whatever it is.

As for people who don't achieve anything in life they aren't the ones who didn't have the resources to reach their goals but they are people who gave up so early!!

Those people are Like a farmer who planted the seeds, poured the water, waited and waited but nothing happened. so he left. Hours later, the green plant showed up but there was no one left to take care of it so it died.

"I Can't Do It" Is never the truth, It's Your Decision.

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