Triggering hope

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Triggering hope

There was once a war raging somewhere between two armies, one of the two armies was gaining ground and totally crushing the other army which was formed of a group of lightly armed people.

The smaller army ,being less prepared compared to the others, started to lose hope day after day until they reached a point where they thought that there was no way to win the war.

At a point where hope was at ground level the commanders of the smaller army decided to a make surprise attack on one of the other army's aircraft carriers. While they knew that destroying one of the dozen aircraft carriers would change nothing still they had to fight.

On the next day the small mission was successful and the carrier sank into the sea, but something strange happened as a result, All of the soldiers felt a tremendous amount of hope and they started to see some light in the middle of the darkness.

The soldiers started to see everything in a positive light. Few days later the second carrier sank as well, followed by the third and the fourth up to the last one, and within few weeks the small army won the war.

What happened there?!

What happened there?
And how did a small action like destroying the first carrier have that effect on these people?

The answer is simple, it’s the effect of hope. When you trigger hope by any act even if it was small you start to see everything from a different perspective and you may end up as a winner.

If you experienced a point of your life where everything was totally dark and where everything seemed to be against you then know that its so normal to find yourself feeling down.

At such a time know that you can turn the whole situation to your side by triggering hope even by a small action that might seem useless.

What you need here is the mentality of a positive thinker. You just need to trigger it by any external event. This event may not be that effective but its main task is to direct your mind from a state of loss of hope to a state of hope.

This act can be anything that you can imagine, just keep thinking until you find any achievement that you could do in a limited time that can lift your mood and provide you with hope.

Remember that choosing an activity that was not expected will be much more effective than an expected activity. As soon as you make this achievement you will find yourself looking at the opportunities within the difficulties rather that than looking at the difficulties within the opportunity, and that was all because you changed your way of thinking.

Hope can end depression

Hope and depression can't coexist together. One of the things few people know is that the best way to combat depression is to restore hope.

You don't have to end your life problems completely in order to end depression because as soon as you start believing that there is hope your depression will end.

The reason hope might appear side by side with depression is that sometimes the hope is so little to beat depression. In other words, to beat depression you need a good dose of hope.

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