Prayer and loss of hope

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

when hope shines

Jack was a hard worker, after graduation he found a good job at a national company. years passed and jack got married and now he is the father of two kids. One morning jack received a phone from his company saying that they laid him off as a part of the down sizing measures they are taking.

Jack’s main problem was that he was so specialized so that there are no other companies around that would need his skills. His field of a study was a rare one in his country. Jack stayed with no work for weeks, he become sad and then depressed.

Jack totally lost hope because there was no possible way out, but suddenly an old friend of jack’s father appeared and jack discovered that he was the CEO of a big multinational company that operates in the same field of expertise as his old firm. the man promised jack a job within a maximum of two weeks. Jack suddenly became so happy and full of hope.

prayer and hope

So what happened here? Why did jack suddenly became happy while he still didn't find a job yet? Simply because someone who is in a position of authority gave him a promise to save him.

That’s the same exactly as the offer that God offered, God promised to answer you back if you prayed to him. How can you depend on someone who is weak to give you hope while you can depend on God to get you out? The person you will depend on may suddenly die but God will always be there.

Prayer opens a new channel of hope. Prayer can be done any time because God is there for you all the time unlike humans who may be busy or unavailable. If you have faith then never lose hope and just ask god.

Should i believe in God just because i need a God?

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Depression and loss of hope

Many people aren't aware of the fact that depression does not happen unless hope is lost. Even if the main cause of depression appeared unknown still there will be a reason related to loss of hope buried deep in the subconscious mind.

That's why restoring hope is one of the most effective treatments for depression. Again you should not force yourself into religion to restore hope just because you need hope but instead you need to examine the facts with a non judgmental mind so that you reach the truth.

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did that help?

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