Why has God Abandoned Me? (Reasons you might believe that God has forsaken you)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why has God Abandon me

When life goes normally and when everything works as its supposed to be you will find yourself feeling happy about it but under extreme conditions when things that you really hate start to happen or when you become subjected to prolonged sadness due to unsolved problems you may end up having your whole religious belief system shaken.

Some people start to think that they have followed a false religion while others start to doubt God’s Existence!! This may be the worst moment ever in their lives, although they are in an intense need for help still they doubt that there is someone who can help them out.

This situation feels like hell or even worse, but don’t worry, if that’s the case then keep reading this article and you will be able to get out of it.

Why were your beliefs Shaken

Suppose that one day I brought my car in front of you then told you “Hey look, this is an airplane,it can fly” what will your response be?

Of course you will reply saying be that this is not an airplane and that its just a car. So what if I insisted on convincing you that its an airplane?

What if I kept doing it for hours? Most probably you will end up thinking that i become mad and that i lost my ability to differentiate between a car and a plane!!

But just a moment, why didn’t you believe that it was an airplane? The answer is very simple, because you have enough knowledge. You have a car, you know that cars don’t fly and you have seen an airplane before.

This is how your subconscious mind works, whenever someone or something tries to shake one of your already existing beliefs only knowledge can prevent it from happening. If you lack the knowledge your beliefs can be very easily alerted while if you had solid knowledge nothing can shake your beliefs.

For example suppose that I brought you a strange looking object that you have never seen before and then told that its called the “hola hola” what will your response be? Most probably if I kept insisting that this is a “hola hola” you are going to believe me simply because you lack the required knowledge to prove me wrong.

How to put this all together

While your life is stable your already week religious beliefs seem to be strong because nothing will attempt to shake them but when it storms those week beliefs become even weaker due to lack of knowledge. Some people live for years thinking that they have strong faith but the truth is that they didn't face a real test yet.

So what you have to do is as follows, faith cant come by wishing or day dreaming. knowledge is the only way to build a solid faith. Your mind works that way, read as much as you can about religion, search the internet and see what everyone said.

Read what people who doesn't believe in God said and read what others said. read both opinions , read about science, read about creation, read about the universe and how did it came to existence. Read about human cells, read as much as you can, only then you will end up having solid beliefs that the worst storms ever cant shake.

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Did that help?

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