Relegious beliefs and materialism

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

did you think that he left you?

Did you feel once that God left you?
Did you find that even though you are asking God for help that nothing is changing?
Have you once questioned your faith because external conditions were far from being favorable?

faith and the calculator concept

Under pressure some people who don’t have a strong faith in God start to shake. Their faith cracks because they find bad things happening in spite the fact that they prayed for God.

They may feel that they were left or abandoned or they may even start to question their beliefs. But do you know why did they feel so? Because they used the calculator concept to assess the situation.

When you become materialistic you will tend to measure and count everything, for example if you wanted to buy something that is worth 10 dollars but on looking into your pocket you found 7 dollars only you may feel bad or think that God left you.

On the other hand if you found 12 dollars you may become happy and feel that everything is OK. This way of thinking is based on thing, assessing what you can see with your eyes and what you can hold with your hands then making a judgment. Its pure materialism and its something very far from true faith.

what can I do regarding this?

There is only one thing you can do in order to prevent yourself from thinking that way. whenever you face a new life problem do your best and set your plans according to pure materialism.

Assess what you have and set your goals according to what you can see but when waiting for the results or when thinking of the future never let calculations come into play.

Wait for what God is going to bring you. This is the real balance between faith and materialism. Its working as if you don’t believe that God will help you and waiting for the result as if you know that God will pay you back for your efforts whatever the external conditions are.

how can you do it

I know that this detachment from external factors is hard but it will come by training. Train yourself not to get affected by the bad things that happen to you, train yourself not to blame conditions when you make a car accident, train yourself not to let external factors affect your heart.

Just take the new information or the new input and act upon it but never let it make you feel bad. Use your mind to plan and use your heart to believe. Don’t let calculations shake your faith; let your faith challenge your calculations.

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