Why Religious beliefs can make a person happier

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Depression and Religion relation

Some professionals said that there is no connection between depression and religion, below is the opinion of people who think that there is a connection:

If we thought of depression as a result of three factors 1) the tendency to become depressed 2) external influences and 3) the meaning you attach to these external factors then we can conclude that removing any of the three sides of this triangle may prevent depression from happening.

Although we can't change our tendency to become depressed and sometimes we can't change the external conditions still religion can help us change the third factor which is how we perceive the external conditions.

An example to make it clear

Suppose you that were depressed and then I asked you to tell me your problems and I promised to solve them whatever they are in one week. What are you going to feel then?

There are only two possibilities, either you won't feel anything because you may think that I can't help you or either you will get some hope if you believed that i can do something about it.

If i came back after solving your problems one week later then you will certainly feel good. That's where religion come in practice, God promised in all religious books that he will solve your problems if you asked him to do so. If you believed 100% that God will help you then there will never be any room for depression.

The biggest clue is that the number of suicide attempts is very large among people who don't believe in God while you can rarely find someone religious attempting suicide except if he inherited religion from his parents without having no real connection to it.

Depression is a function of your thought processing

Why would the same thing happen to two people yet one person gets depressed and the other doesn't?
In simple words the way people process the event in their brains determines how are they going to feel about it. What is meant by processing here is the self talk that will happen in the person's mind and the change of beliefs, if any, that is based on the event.

Now what a belief in God does in such a case is that it allows the person to process the event in a positive way and as a result it doesn't result in negative emotions. If a person lost his job for example then believed that it happened because God wants to bring him a better job then certainly he won't feel that bad about it. See also Can believing in God prevent depression.

So a belief in a higher force ,in a positive way, can actually prevent depression in many cases depending on the strength of the person's beliefs.

Expecting positive events

Many of the serious psychological problems such as excessive worrying result from the fact that a person is expecting something bad to happen to them. See Thinking strategies that lead to worrying,

Now when a person has good faith he will always believe that the best is going to happen to him and as a result his anxiety and worrying will get reduced.

When people expect positive things they tend to be generally in a better mood and as a result a person who has faith is more likely to find life more positive and fulfilling than a person who doesn't believe in God provided that the same events happened to them.

Should i believe in God just because i need a God?

No, you should only believe in God after you become convinced that he exists. In my book "I Saw God" i explained how real faith comes after finding a strong proof for God's existence and how beliefs can be shaken if the foundation wasn't supported by solid research.

You can find God by reading about science. There are hundreds of evidences that can show you that this world was designed and that it didn't come into existence by chance, just do your homework and you will find what you are looking for.

The book "I Saw God" was released by 2knowmyself, The book provides scientific evidence that prove the existence of god, with levels of probabilities that are not subject to debate or revision. The facts are crystal clear and 100% scientific; after knowing these facts, you'll come to the conclusion that there is no other possibility other than the presence of a mighty creator who planned this all.

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