How to achieve your goals quickly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to achieve your goals

Yesterday i was talking to some friends about goals and how to reach them.
During the conversation i found that lots of them strongly believed that the external environment plays a very important role in determining a person's success.

One friend told me, if you were born in a poor country it might have been so hard to succeed or to reach your goals (my friend wasn't aware of the fact that i was living in a poor country as the conversation was taking place online)

So can the external environment prevent a person from achieving his goals?
Are we stuck because of our gender, birthplace or even physical disabilities?
In this article i will answer this question and also tell you how to achieve your goals.

You are not bound by the external environment

  • 1998: I was a shy person. I had big troubles making friends or even speaking to people. I studied psychology for 10 years, got over all of my problems one by one and nowadays i am a personal development coach teaching people how to have self confidence!! Moreover i created the Solid Self confidence program which is sought by people from all around the world to build their confidence
  • 2002: My arm was broken and i had to skip the exams and wait for the next term. I asked the professor to delay my exams for me but he didn't agree!! only 2 weeks were left, during them i learned how to write with my left hand ,took the exams and achieved my goals
  • 2003: I spoke to a famous publishing house in Egypt and they refused to let me publish my book because i was an unknown author, few years later the sales of my online books made me a dot com millionaire and my site started getting half a million visit each month
  • 2004: I feel really bad when i don't Exercise however when my leg was in cast i was asked to spend a month at home which was something unacceptable to me. My leg was in cast for 21 days during which i went to the gym 9 times!!! of course i didn't train my legs but i trained my whole upper body and never missed a day of my schedule
  • 2006: Lost my life time savings in the stock market crash caused by the credit crisis. During that time i managed to turn 2knowmyself into an E-business, made double the money i lost in 2 years and became a dot com millionaire at the age of 28

Fix your beliefs and you will achieve your goals

What my friend wasn't aware of too is that when i was 23 years old i brought a piece of paper and i wrote on it that i am going to be a millionaire before the age of thirty. (nothing happens by coincidence)

So in short, goal achievement is all about having a burning desire to achieve your goals and believing that you can change your external environment even if you were living in unfavorable conditions.

Take Abraham Lincoln as an example, the man faced all kinds of obstacles a person can ever face and yet he managed to achieve his goal and become the president of the united states. Lincoln was no exception, Henry ford, Thomas Edison, john Creasy, Operah Winfrey and Walt Disney all faced tough conditions and yet managed to achieve their goals.

Stop deceiving yourself and you will achieve your goals

So if goals can be achieved even when the conditions are tough then why are there so many people who blame luck, fate and the external environment for their misfortune?

Its because those people are afraid of hurting their egos by admitting that they didn't try hard enough or its because they want things the easy way.

After all its easier to say i am unlucky than to say i didn't try hard.

Even if you live in the toughest conditions ever you can still achieve your goals and if you have any doubts about that, read Abraham Lincoln's life story.

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