How to be a successful person

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be a successful person

What is the secret to success?

Is it positive thinking? positive thinking might give you a push but if used it on its own then it will never lead you anywhere.

Is it working hard? no, some people work very hard and never become successful

Is it the law of attraction? well, try to think all the time about being a billionaire then stay in your bed and let me know if one day you woke up finding money beside you!!

So what is the real secret to success and how to be a successful person? This the question i am going to answer in this article

Success is all about the number of tries

Humans learn how to grasp objects through a process called negative feedback. When you first tried to hold a door knob most probably you did it incorrectly many times until you figured out the right way to hold it.

Watch a new born playing with his toys and you will get what i am talking about, you will find that the kid discovers the right way to hold the object after going through all of the wrong ways!!

The same exactly goes for success, if you want to reach a certain goal then you have to do lots of wrong things before you manage to learn how to do the right thing.

I developed more than 5 websites most of them didn't see the light but took off and made me a Dot com millionaire!!! (see my book How i did it). Had i gave up you wouldn't have heard of me and this article would have not been here.

I am not superior by any means, i don't have extra qualities that you don't have but the only difference between me and a person who is not successful is that i understood that success is all about the number of tries!!

Why are there unsuccessful people?

Unsuccessful people aren't the ones who fail but they are the ones who give up after one or two failures!!

You should never consider yourself a failure if you did something incorrectly but you can say that you failed the day that you decided that you don't want to try anymore!!

Success is all about the number of tries and certainly if you kept trying and trying you will reach the right way that works one day, people fail because they give up too early before they discover the right way that works.

Success is as simple as that!!

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