Why am i not lucky

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why am i not lucky

One Greek fable tells the story of a fox that badly wanted to reach a vine of grapes. After the fox tried many times it failed to reach the grapes but instead of feeling bad it tried to convince itself that it didn't need the grapes that badly after all.

So what does this has to do with luck?
The fox tried to deceive itself in order to reduce the pain that resulted from not being able to get what it wanted and its the same thing that we humans do.

Instead of admitting that we didn't try hard enough we try to find any excuse to fool ourselves into believing that it wasn't our fault and this is how the luck concept was born.

Why you are not lucky

Sometimes it can hurt our Egos so much to admit that we lack the skills that we need or that we failed to get what we want in life.

Because of that our subconscious minds try to find us any excuse that we can use in order to feel Good about ourselves.

When a person says i am not lucky he actually means that he didn't find other explanation for failing to get what he wants in life other than believing that he has no luck.

Does luck really exist?

A friend of mine once told me that he is not lucky because he wasn't born rich while some of his friends are lucky because they were born rich.

The argument sounds logical except that my friend didn't ask himself two questions, why do some rich people lose their money and why do some poor people become rich??

Yes there are lots of things that are beyond of our control in this life like our looks, our families or our birth place. But just as the starting point is out of our control we can still change anything else after that starting point.

I lost all money in the stock market three years ago (if bad luck was to be defined there won't be a better definition) but i got triple this money back in 2 years by selling ebooks on this site!! (see My book How i did it).

I started with bad luck but i turned this bad luck into good luck because of the choices i made.

Luck is all about choices

I could have lost hope in becoming rich, i could have said that i am not lucky and people would have believed me. But i didn't, i decided to create my own luck because i believed that even though some events are beyond my control still my response to these events is 100 percent controllable.

We create our own luck through our choices
Anything can be changed so don't blame your luck for it

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