How can i be successful

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can I be successful

Success is being able to reach what you want and to achieve your goals. Lots of people ask themselves the question "How can I be successful" without understanding that goal setting is an essential step that precedes success and without it you can’t really determine whether you are successful or not.

I am already assuming that you have a certain goal that you want to achieve and that’s why I am not going to talk about goal setting in this article. In my previous article subconscious mind programming I explained how the continues repetition of a certain statement can result in making it a solid belief.

For example, if you kept answering difficult math problems then you will develop a belief that you are good at math. So what does this has to do with success and how can you use the subconscious mind programming concept to be more successful?

Subconscious programming and success

There only one common thing between all of the successful people, they have failed many times before. Try to read about any successful person and you will discover that he faced numerous rejections and failures in the beginning of his life.

Most Successful writers had their books rejected by many publishers before they managed to publish their first book. Those writers were eager enough to keep trying and trying until they managed to program the minds of the publishers that they are going to be successful no matter what.

We humans have a tendency to help those who appear to be self motivated and persistent because we don’t want to waste our efforts helping someone who won’t make it anyways.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that If someone saw you trying and trying his mind will start to believe that you will become successful and he will offer you help.

Successful people are the ones who keep trying and trying until the people around them recognize them then start to give them a hand.

Success is all about standing your ground until the right time comes

When I first started this website I faced numerous rejections from almost everyone but I kept going forward with disregard to these rejections.

As people saw me trying and trying some of them started to believe in me and so recommended me for a TV show. This TV show was the door to many other shows that I appeared on few months later.

Had I gave up early before I managed to convince the people around me to believe in me I would have been another depressed person who wanted to achieve his goals but didn’t manage to.

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If you are still asking yourself the question How can i be successful? then here is the answer in few words:

You must keep trying with disregard to the failures, rejections and obstacles you will face until you get recognized.

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