How to get what you want in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get what you want in life

Most of the misery people experience in life is the result of not being able to get what they want. Depression is just a loss of hope in getting something that you really wanted, fear is an indication that you are worried about not getting what you want in life and stress is an emotion that you get when you are put under pressure while trying to get what you want.

If I had to describe happiness in few words I would say that its getting what you want in life. Getting what you want is not as easy it sounds but its worth every moment that you will waste, every drop of sweat and every tear you will shed.

There is only one known method for getting what you want in life, if you want to know about it then read this article.

A true story

  • 1996: I was a socially withdrawn teen who had all the psychological problems you could ever image. I almost had no friends, except for very few ones and I used to fear talking to strangers. I started reading about psychology for years and years and managed to get rid of the problems I had one by one. Today I appear on Television every week to speak about psychological problems and how people can overcome them.
  • 1999: I was known for being the slimmest guy in my family, school and among my friends. I read about exercising, started going to the gym, never stopped even in the middle of the exam season and three years later I had a perfect body.
  • 2001: I didn’t manage to get good grades to join computer science department and so had to study industrial engineering. While studying industrial engineering I started taking computer courses, within few months I completed tons of exams, MCSE, MCDBA,MCT, CCNA,CCNP,CCIP and CVOICE. (you can Google these terms, they are world wide well known certificates) Right after I graduated I worked as a computer instructor teaching engineers who already graduated from computer science computer skills
  • 2003: My right arm was broken right before the exams, the professors at the college refused to delay my exams and I had only two weeks before the exams begin. I learned how to use my left hand to the extent that after I removed the cast I used to write with both hands at the same time. I took the exams with my left hand (I had to draw diagrams in the exams too) and i got good grades.
  • 2006: The idea of starting 2knowmsyelf was rejected by lots of my friends, relatives and the people I knew at that time. Nowadays 2knowmsyelf gets more than 600,000 hits a month, got 18,000,000 Visits so far and makes me a five digit income a month
  • 2008 I lost most of my savings in the stock market crisis (my shares went down 80%) I watched all the money I saved in five years decrease in value day by day.
    I started selling books at 2knowmyself, started the coaching service, learned about online marketing and Within a year and a half I got back all the money I lost in the stock market from 2knowmyself and an additional amount that was enough to buy a BMW (Got a black one) See my book How i did it In order to know how to make money from the internet

The secret to getting what you want in life

I was no superman, I did nothing unusual that you can’t do but I only adhered to a certain way of thinking. I decided I will get up whenever I fall; I will keep trying whenever I fail and I will keep learning as long as I lack knowledge.

I am not just writing some advice to add more lines to the article but I am writing about the rule to getting what you want in life that I personally tried many times.

Be persistent
Keep trying even if you failed a 1000 times
Don’t listen to the people around you
If someone rejected you make sure that he will regret doing so later if you kept trying
Force your way
If you can't find a way then create one
Life is a battlefield, live a like a warrior

You must be wondering, if the formula for success is that clear then why don't most people succeed? simply because they don't believe in themselves, In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the difference between those who succeed and those who don't is believing in themselves.

One of life's rules is that a person will reach whatever he wants if he kept trying but unless he believes in himself he wont be motivated enough to keep trying!!

If you did so you will get what you want of life, by force.
facing obstacles? I faced more, you have no excuse

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